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Top things to do in Saigon Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh City, as known as Saigon, has been the fastest growing city in Vietnam for years. As a bustling, pulsating and vibrant destination, Saigon has always been a meeting of the old and the new, traditional values and high-end developments, hundred-year-old markets and glitzy modern skyscrapers.

All of them make Saigon become the paradise for shopping, traveling and many other activities which attract a number of tourists every year. One more thing you absolutely should not miss when visiting this city is street food. There are tons of mouth-watering foods that once you step out on the streets, it is just super easy for you to grab great food. If you still don’t know what to do in the “Pearl of the Far East”, let’s check out our recommendation below.

City tour & shopping

Maybe finding the best places to go in a strange city, especially when you are a first-timer, is confusing. If you wonder which the best place to go in Saigon Vietnam is, it is just so hard because it depends on what you are big on or what you expect to see. Saigon, fortunately, has a wide range of places which can meet your requirements. For example, if you are keen on exploring the city’s culture and history, some best suggestions for you are War Remnants Museum, Reunification Palace, History Museum, Fine Arts Museum, and two most famous landscapes of the city, Central Post Office, and Notre-Dame cathedral. If you are a shopaholic or simply just want to buy some souvenirs, then Ben Thanh Market (the most famous one), or Tan Dinh Market also in District 1 (specializing in silks and clothing material) are best choices for tourists. Some other high-end shopping malls are not so difficult to find out, they are everywhere in the center of the city with quite similar prices at home.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre-Dame cathedral (Source: Internet)

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market (Source: Internet)

Diamond Plaza Department Store

Diamond Plaza Department store in Saigon (Source: Internet)

Nightlife in Saigon

Saigon is a city full of energy so don’t forget to enjoy the nightlife here with a lot of exciting activities. Live music, rooftop bar, Beer Street or walking street is some suggestions for a cool and wonderful night in the city of lights. Tourists can go to Pham Ngu Lao Street – a Saigon backpacker’s district, where you can enjoy a budget meal or gather with your friends with some good beers. Some options for a bar are Majestic, the Rex, Broma Not A Bar, Caravelle, Saigon Ranger, Chill Skybar, Yoko bar, etc. For locals and tourists, the best place to gather is Nguyen Hue walking street. There are so many things happening here at night, you can enjoy live music or street performances, or just simply wandering around and enjoying the atmosphere of the city.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue walking street (Source: Internet)

Skybar in Saigon

 Skybar (Source: Internet)

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels are about 70 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City. This is where the miniature battles of Cu Chi and its people have been reduced in the fierce resistance of 30 years. Cu Chi Tunnels are admired by people around the world because of its vast network of connecting tunnels deep in the ground, with many layers, many niches like spider webs, used as places of accommodation, meeting, and fighting, with a total length of more than 200 km. Cu Chi Tunnels used to be the operational headquarters of the Vietnamese army and played the decisive role in the victory of the war against America. Any tour package in Vietnam will include this place when you visit the South, check out Saigon Vietnam tour package to have the best experience here, and even fire an AK-47, the weapon Vietnamese soldiers used under the war.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi tunnels (Source: Internet)

Food & drink

The food there is simple, not so sophisticated, as simple as Southern people. Southern dishes remain their diversity, metamorphosis with sweet, spicy, deliciously buttery flavor by using coconut water. Typical dishes use a lot of sweetness: all kinds of cakes (banh it, banh bo, banh men, etc.), che (a kind of light dessert), sticky rice, chicken soup, roasted chicken, etc. Coconut juice or coconut water are some favorite ingredients to increase fat, sweet taste. It’s not so hard to grab a bite in the city, the food stores are everywhere and maybe you can find a great delicious dish in a punk, simple place that you will never expect. Good suggestions for you are grilled snakehead fish, spring rolls, noodles, Nam Vang noodle soup, banh mi (Vietnamese baguette with different flavors), etc.

Banh Mi Saigon

Banh mi Saigon (Source: Internet)

Hu Tieu Nam Vang

Nam Vang noodle soup (Source: Internet)

You should also try ca phe sua da (ice coffee with milk) once you come to Saigon. It is a favorite drink of people here, you can enjoy a favorous cup of coffee in the middle of the park, or on the street, or in any creative, well-designed coffee shops.

Ice coffee with milk

Ice coffee with milk (Source: Internet)

Besides, from Saigon, you can travel to other sites near the city to explore the rural life of Vietnam and the unique culture that you cannot find anywhere else. Let’s go to Saigon and enjoy your best holidays.

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