The ten most beautiful lakes and lagoons in Mexico

The Mexican geography is embellished with a large number of lakes and lagoons that are found throughout the country. Surrounded by captivating landscapes, these water mirrors are ideal places for activities such as hiking or camping, in addition to water sports that increase the alternatives to have fun in the middle of nature.

Here are the ten lakes and lagoons that you can not miss in Mexico. Come meet them!

Patzcuaro Lake

The state of Michoacán is full of splendid lakes, among which Lake Pátzcuaro stands out. The surrounding fishing villages find their livelihoods in the sale of handicrafts, tourism, and fishing for whitefish, charales and freshwater catfish. At the center of this lake is the island of Janitzio, famous for its ancestral traditions, among which the Day of the Dead stands out.

San Ignacio Lagoon

This lagoon is considered a sanctuary for the gray whale and is located in the state of Baja California Sur. Due to its ecological importance, it is part of the El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve and is recognized as a World Heritage Site.

It is the habitat of endangered species such as the sea turtle. The San Ignacio lagoon is one of the best sites for whale watching.

Zirahuen Lake

The Zirahuén is another of the lakes of the Purépecha region in the state of Michoacán. The tranquility of its jade-colored waters make it an ideal place for boating and enjoying the surrounding landscapes.

It is surrounded by dense forests where you can stay in comfortable cabins with a Swiss-style fireplace. This is the place to spend a weekend as a couple or with friends.

Montebello Lagoons

Chiapas is full of natural treasures and the Montebello lagoons fall into that category. They are located almost on the border with Guatemala near the Chiapas town of Comitan. The beauty of this lagoon system is accentuated by the bluish hue of its crystalline waters. In the surrounding places, there are peaceful trails that make their way through amazing pine forests ideal for hiking.

Lagoons of the Sun and the Moon

In addition to its beauty, one of the things that make these lagoons extremely attractive is their location, since they occupy the Nevado de Toluca crater, an extinct volcano located in the State of Mexico.

Since pre-Hispanic times, both lagoons were a pilgrimage site that was used to perform ceremonies and offerings to the gods. Today they are visited by hundreds of tourists and high-performance athletes.

Bacalar Lagoon

Better known as “the lagoon of seven colors” for its different shades of blue, this natural wonder is located south of the state of Quintana Roo. The range of nuances that can be seen in its waters is produced by the torrent of seven cenotes that flow In the lagoon.

Catemaco Lagoon

There is no better qualifier than “mystic” to define Lake Catemaco. It is located in the lush Sierra de Los Tuxtlas in the state of Veracruz. In its margin, you can visit the town of Catemaco considered by many the Mecca of sorcerers and Mexican healers.

This lake is navigable in tourist boats and has three islands, one of them, inhabited by a colony of macaque monkeys brought from Asia.

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