Thanh An – a little-known island in Saigon


Saigon is known as the city of the young. It has a great number of exciting attractions as well as entertaining activities for young people. However, in your Saigon day tours, little do you know there is a pretty island named Thanh An, which is located over 70km to the East of Ho Chi Minh City center? Today’s Saigon travel reviews will bring you to this hidden treasure of this city – Thanh An island commune.

1. How to get there?

Thanh An island commune is located separately from Can Gio Township and Ho Chi Minh City, about 70km to the east of the city center of Saigon. To arrive in Thanh An island commune, first, you have to get to Can Thanh Town, then, you will go to this site. Visiting Thanh An island, you will not only enjoy delicious fresh seafood but also explore a mysterious beauty, which not everyone can find.

You can enjoy the wild beauty of Cortaderia selloana field, walk along the coastal dike, as well as see a “summer snow” scene of salt fields – a must-see landscape that you should drop in when you travel to Saigon.


[Thanh An island commune]

From the city center, it takes you 70 kilometer to go on road or 45 minutes to go by boat on the waterway to arrive on this island. There are five journeys going between the land and Thanh An island at 9h, 10h30, 12h, 14h, and 17h. Each one-way ticket costs 10.000 and. Thanh An is not a tourist site, so, there are no motels. Therefore, you should leave this island before 17h or hire a boat to stay more. Rudimentary boats there will make you feel as if you are in a remote peaceful countryside, not in your Saigon day tours.

2. Attractions of Thanh An

Can Gio has an unpopular beauty. It is very deserted and simple, but not everyone can feel it. Sit on the beach, feel the wind blowing through your hair, smell the unique flavor of the sea, you will have an extremely relaxed and comfortable feeling, which you cannot find in busy cities.


[A peaceful heaven]

Looking out to further place, you will see many children running and playing on the long dike around the island, some couples taking photos, many sea waves gently crashing onto the shore, etc. This peaceful scene makes you very relaxed, and all of your stress will be gone with the wind.

Thanh-An-Commune-helloVietnam[Thanh An commune]

This is a favorite place of couples, where they often come to take their wedding photos. You can ask the local people to hire a boat to go fishing offshore. To sum up, Thanh An is an ideal place for relaxing Saigon tour.

3. Life of local people

Due to the large distance from the land, the life of people here is still deprived and hard. They mainly live on fishing. Despite the poverty, they still live happily with warm hearts. They live cozily and help each other. Every afternoon, they like gathering on the sea dike and chatting about their daily life. It makes a harmonious and beautiful scene.


[Sea dyke in Thanh An]

4. Foods on Thanh An Island

Can Gio is very famous for cheap and fresh seafood? However, you will not find as much fresh seafood as in Can Thanh Town. Therefore, you should buy seafood in markets in Can Gio and bring them to Thanh An Island to make delicious foods and eat. If you are a good communicator, you can offer to buy fresh seafood directly from the local people and fishers when their boats come back from the sea. Fishes, shrimps, cuttles, etc. are all fresh. However, the price of seafood is surprisingly cheap.


[Grilled seafood]

5. Sunset on the island

The best time on this island is at the sundown when people come back home from their works to gather with their family after a hard-working day. They sit around the family dining table and see the sun going down until it disappears on the other side of the ocean and the moon and star appear in the dark sky. What a cozy and peaceful atmosphere!


[Sunset on Can Gio sea]

Thanh An is a beautiful and peaceful island located about 70km from the city center of Saigon. Unlike the busy city center, this landscape has a peaceful pace of life where you can enjoy a relaxing trip. Remember to drop in this stunning island in your Saigon day tours to have nice healing trips with your family at the weekend.

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