Thach An Island, the hidden treasure of Saigon


Do you know that there is a beautiful island located about 70 kilometers from the center of Ho Chi Minh City to the East? It is Thach An Island. The followings will help you learn more about this great destination for your Saigon day tour.


Thach An Island from afar

When to visit?


Enjoy the great beauty

You can visit Thach An Island, Can Gio any time in the year, however, it is better for you to avoid the rainy or stormy days because the boats to Thach An Island are the wooden ones that are not suitable to go in the bad weather.

How to get there?

To go to Thach An Island, firstly you need to arrive in Can Thach Town. This place not only has the fresh seafood but also attracts tourists with its beautiful hidden beauty. Thach An is situated about 70 kilometers from the city center and takes more about 45 minutes to go by boat. Every day, there are five trips from the mainland to the island and the vice versa at 9 a.m, 10h30, 12h, 14h, and 17h. The ticket is only 10,000 VND per turn.

A Saigon group tour to Thach An Island, you will be impressed by the pristine and simple beauty that not everyone can feel. Sitting next to the coast and enjoying the wind will make you more comfortable, which you cannot find in the busy life in the city.

The rocky beach


The rocky way on beach

For many tourists, Thach An attracts them by not the immense natural scenery or the white sandy beaches but the peaceful, quiet, and friendly space as well as the slow lifestyle here. It seems to be an ideal destination for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives.

The rocky beach stretching on the island is the favorite destination of many young people. They can freely relax and take the second to none photos.

The daily life


The white salt fields

Exploring the daily life of the fishing village is one of the exciting things that Saigon travel reviews suggest you. The large white salt fields are the major source of life for the Thach An Village locals.


The simple life

You can see anywhere the smile of the fishermen that is tired but always love the life. Besides, you will be attracted by the innocence of the children here, they welcome you by the truly hospitable smiles that make you more comfortable.

In addition, Thach An is the home of some typical types of the mangroves. Thus, you also can join kayaking in order to learn more about the mangroves ecosystem, fishing, and watching the scene of catching seafood. All these create a simple, peaceful, and attractive beauty of Thach An.


The sunset beauty

If you decide to explore Thach An when traveling to Saigon, you should enjoy the most beautiful moment on the island, the sunset. Everyone come home after a long working day, gather with their loved ones and watch the sunset together. All create a peaceful picture that impressed visitors at the first sight.

The diverse cuisine


Enjoy the fresh seafood

Although Thach An does not have many traveling destinations, it attracts tourists with its diversity of seafood. The seafood here is not only fresh but also cheap.

The small diners along the way are quite many or you can go directly to the seafood market to enjoy a variety of fresh food. Only when you order, the seafood is cooked to ensure the quality as well as the flavor. Especially, if the dish that you order is not available in this diner, you can order from the restaurant nearby because all the people here are familiar and friendly.


The delicious food in Thach An

Some delicious dishes that you should try: grilled oysters with onions, oyster porridge, grilled squid with sauce, grilled octopus with salt, steamed crabs, fried anchovy, and so on.

Moreover, there are a number of typical dishes of the West: grilled ricepaper, grilled bananas, grilled yellow fish, hu tieu, toast, banh canh, etc.

Where to stay?


Camping on the beach

Thach An Island is a destination that is still pristine, therefore; there is no accommodation or hotel constructed here. Moreover, tourists coming to Thach An usually spend a day, there are few people staying overnight. However, if you want to enjoy the night beauty of Thach An, you can camp at the beach, which is a truly interesting experience. However, you have to go to the Civil Defence to ask for allowance and be guided for more details.

The above are some useful things about Thach An Island, a hidden treasure of Saigon. Hope that with this information, you will get a nice Saigon day tour with the amazing experiences.

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