Saigon sightseeing, explore the ancient of Notre Dame Cathedral

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Leaving the bustle of modern life, most of the visitors want to come toward to a quiet and spiritual place. Thus, Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most suitable spots when joining in a Saigon sightseeing tour.

The majesty of Notre Dame Cathedral

The majesty of Notre Dame Cathedral (Source: Internet)

Notre Dame Cathedral is a gorgeous cathedral, most important and most ancient church in Ho Chi Minh City. It is not only meaningful to lay people, but also one of the representative symbols of this city.

Long ago, Notre Dame Cathedral has become the pride of Ho Chi Minh City’s resident. With a large superficies and a beautiful architecture, Notre Dame Cathedral is modeled follow the church of Notre Dame of Paris. Foundation of the cathedral was designed in particular, under 10 times of the gross ton of the entire architecture church situated above. And a very special thing is that the church has no fence or wall surrounding as the churches around Saigon – Gia Dinh at the same time and until now. With a length of 93m, 35.90m wide and 57m high, the capacity of the cathedral can reach 1,200 people. Notre Dame Cathedral is a magnificent magnificence.

The large campus of the Notre Dame Cathedral

The large campus of the Notre Dame Cathedral (Source: Internet)

Architecturally, all the lines, edges, patterns of the Notre Dame Cathedral is in Roman and Gothic style. The main bearing columns were built of huge stones; The door, frame … is built by white chalk (a very soft stone used for decorating pink brick wall).

Looking from the outside, the entire church from roof to the wall is the color of the red brick. The characteristic of brick and tile building church is to keep the color from the construction date until nowadays and not closed moss.

Notre Dame Cathedral from above

Looking from the outside, the entire church is the color of the red brick (Source: Internet)

The cathedral's interior has two lines which are main rectangular columns, each has six representing for twelve apostles. Behind the main column line is a corridor and next to lobby are small altars (more than 20 altars) and statues made of white stone quite sophisticated. On the wall is decorated with 56 glass windows depicting the characters or events in the Bible, 31 rounds of pink roses, 25 cow eyes windows made of multicolored glass combined with beautiful images. However, of these only have 4 glass windows are intact as the old door, and the other colored glass windows have been remodeled around 1949 to replace the broken church's original colored glass windows near at the end of World War II.

The interior of the Cathedral

The interior of the cathedral (Source: Internet)

The cathedral's interior is illuminated by electricity (not using candles) since inauguration. In the daytime, with the perfect lighting design, in harmony with the interior creates a soothing light in the cathedral interior, make visitors a sense of peace and holiness.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is known as one of the best places to visit in Saigon because of coming here the travelers will have a chance to get a peaceful spirit. Moreover, visitors can experience a historical tour in South Vietnam and explore a magnificent architecture construction.

Visiting the church, visitors also admire two bell towers built in 1895, 57m high. The bell towers have total 6 bells. In the left is Woman steeple where is hung 2 bells. In the right is Man belfry, in here has the biggest bell and 3 other small bells.

When visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, just take time to wander around the campus. The statue of Our Lady of Peace is built in the middle of the campus. Blessed Mother statue in the upright position, the left hand holding the globe, The cross is glued on the globe, and the eyes of Blessed Mother look up to heaven as if praying for Vietnam and for the world to be at peace. The foot of Blessed Mother steps on the head of the serpent.

 Notre Dame Cathedral is a famous tourist destination when you travel to Saigon Vietnam. This place makes an impression of the classic French beauty, which is peace and sacred prettiness. More than a century passed, the church is still a unique architecture construction of Saigon.

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