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Tourist will have novel experiences when joining Saigon group tours. Just once time ignores the bustle and modern of Saigon and visits Ho Chi Minh City Museum. Visitors can feel that.

Ho Chi Minh City Museum displays artifacts and materials of Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City Museum displays artifacts and materials of Ho Chi Minh City

Travelers often see Saigon of warm sunshine, of high-rise buildings, of loud noises, of all sorts of innumerable bars and radiant smiles. Few people know that Saigon has a system of more than 10 museums and it is expanded. Museum in Saigon is a particular corner of Saigon. Can be said that Ho Chi Minh City Museum is the best museum in Saigon.Try to "live slowly", stop here, you will find and feel many interesting things.

Located in the system of the most beautiful and famous architecture of Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Museum is located at 65 Ly Tu Trong, District I.

Ho Chi Minh City Museum is one of five typical museums published in the list of "100 interesting things in Ho Chi Minh City" with a unique architectural style combining Asia-Europe. This place displays many valuable artifacts about the history of ancient Saigon, the historical period since the Viet Minh led the resistance against French colonialism to nowadays and also is a tourist attraction for domestic and international guests.

Yoshio Minoda surrendered the Allied

At here, Yoshio Minoda surrendered the Allied

Built by French architect Alfred Foulhoux from 1885 to 1890, the purpose was to use as the Commercial Museum to display Namky products. However, this is the place witnessed many times change the owner with historical events since the building was completed until 1975. May mention at the time of September 1945, this is where Gen. Yoshio Minoda surrendered the Allied. After the liberation of the South, on April 30, 1977, the city decided to use this building as the Revolutionary Museum of Ho Chi Minh City on April 30, 1978. December 13, 1999, the building was renamed the Museum of HCMC until nowadays.

If wondering where to go in Saigon to get a new vision? Ho Chi Minh City Museum is an ideal spot. Here is a special artwork, with a harmonious mix of architectural styles such as Gothic, Roman combined with cultural inspiration and natural conditions in the Southern River. Museum campus wides more than 1200 square meters with flower gardens are all around. Entrance to the main gate, on the top of triangular prominent "Trade Spirit" statue. The facade of the impressive Roman-style museum with rows of columns, large, parallel running along the corridor, highlighting the shape of the block, angular. At each top of the column, there is a statue emblazoned with French guards meaning the protect the museum. Between each column is a lion head representing power, authority. The remaining three sides of the museum are decorated with pairs of snakes wrapped in vines.

The rows of columns with Roman architecture

The rows of columns with Roman architecture

The ceiling is covered with yin-yang tiles. Emblems such as canals, boat boats, trees … praised the land rich South, vibrant trade and culture, simple life activities.

Inside the building, from the foot of the stairs up until the floor, is designed Gothic style with many glass windows to receive light. The arc-shaped is created to make a spacious, airy space. Harmonized lines of fine decoration from simple to complex, the texture has a very uniform ratio and high accuracy. It has been 122 years, but it has remained intact and has not been damaged. That shows how the craftsmen in the past had to work to complete the artwork.

"Nature - Archeology" Room in Ho Chi Minh City Museum

"Nature – Archeology" Room in Ho Chi Minh City Museum

Ho Chi Minh City Museum is divided into 10 different galleries. Currently, it is holding and preserves 45,666 artifacts. The artifacts are divided into 133 collections, including many rare collections such as Sai Gon pottery, Lai Thieu pottery, Bien Hoa …; Money Collection, from the Le Canh Hung (1740 – 1786) to Bao Dai King(1926 – 1945) or collections of coins in Dang Trong, imprints, folk statues. …

On 24/3/2017, at the ceremony of honoring 100 leading tourism brands organized by Ho Chi Minh Tourism Department in cooperation with the Tourism Association of Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City Museum was honored to receive Awarded "Top 10 attractions" in 2016.

Ho Chi Minh City Museum is a suitable destination for the group of visitors of Saigon tours. Come here to feel the peaceful space and discovery the heroic history of Vietnam nation! Hope you will have many new traveling experiences with our Saigon group tours.

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