dish to get you out of the friend



GON: Hello?


GON: Hey Eunah, do you have any plans tomorrow?

SHE: Nothing special

Why ask?

GON: That’s great

Let’s hang out at my place tomorrow then

I’ll make some food for us

SHE: At your place?

GON: Yes, be here at around 6pm tomorrow

SHE: Well… okay then

I’ll make it at 6 to your place

GON: Alright

SHE: Kay

Hi guys 🙂

Today, we are gonna make

a dish that can get you out of the friend zone

It is four different dishes,

so we’ll be quick

The first dish is ‘Gnocchi’


Depends on the size of potatoes

boil them for 15 to 20 minutes

and peel the skin to smash them completely

My tip here is,

mash them when it’s still hot

Even without any tools, it’s possible to completely mesh

Put a big spoonful of Ricotta cheese

and two spoonful of flour

and beat the eggs before add

Add some pepper and salt as well

The most important thing is

that you need to stir them well

so that all ingredients are well mixed

Now before kneading the dough,

put some flour on the table

If you want chewy texture,

then you should add more flour

and knead them well

But do not knead too hard

I personally like the soft texture,

so I put a little bit of flour

and knead them very soft with love

Oh and,

you can slice the dough in small pieces
and shape them as you want

When boiling, put sliced pieces

and cook until they float to the top

Do not leave them in for too long

because the dough gets soft and it turns into

potato pancake or potato porridge

Just cook the flour and that is enough

This is actually ready to use,

but if you like crisp texture

then cook them in a pan until golden brown

Like this

What do you think?

Looks nice, right?

Wanna digging in, right?

Tasty baby, right?

Now, we’ll make my favorite cream sauce

Adding oil on a pan,

put garlic and onion

and add butter

and cook like a boss

Show her your masculinity at this stage


Oh sexy

If it was enough,

add a cup of milk (with salt)

and a half cup of whipped cream (with salt)

and cheese! (with salt)

Stir them well and you’ll see the bubbles

cook them until it gets sticky enough

then Gnocchi is done!

The next dish is Salmon steak

It will be very easy

I bought a salmon pack for sushi from market

Looks alright, huh?

Add some pepper and salt

Steam cooker

If you don’t have it, just use any pots

and put aluminum foil ball in the pot

Foil should be floating on the water

Perhaps you might not have the fo1,

then use fo2, or fo3… (apologies)

Remember the salmon steak we have,

put the plate itself in the pot so that it can float,

And a bit of


Herbs to add

Have the lid on,

leave it for 20 minutes

And that’s about it!


Now today’s highlight, the steak

We have Sirloin

Just like a kid getting the Christmas present,

cut them as much as you want

Please always be careful

with the knife

and not to chop your finger for hunger

Now for the seasoning,


add pepper


and salt

and olive oil

cover them all over the meat

Imagine you got a new shoes to clean, very thoroughly

Then the meat looks already nice

Are you getting excited?

Now we need to cook the meat,

but first,

better have sheaths on the meat

Put olive oil

and cook the outside of the meat thoroughly

so that the juicy can stay inside

Add put the rest herbs
on the pan when the outside is all cooked

and lid on to cook the inside

Garnish should be cooked as well

Got some time to rest the meat

Have butter and pepper with herb on the table,

and leave the steak on top of it

and cover them all with foil

This will make the juicy spread all over
and taste even better

Now, the final dish to make

It’s a salad

Frozen eggs from fridge


A knife


Slice the eggs before it melts

but not too thin,

then it seems like boiled eggs slice


Can you see it?

This is how you can make the mini fried eggs

just cook them apart to each other

No one can tell whether this is regular eggs

or quail eggs

Something, isn’t it?

Put a bag of salad

with shredded cheese

and a half of lemon juice


cherry tomatoes

with the slightest touch of dressing sauce

and finally put mini sized fried eggs

That’s it for today.


(Door bells ringing)

That’s about right.


Today’s guest, who friend-zoned me

So beautiful

GON: You made it.


So what do you think?

I prepared

all of them

just for you

What would she say

to this?

Bon appetit

Oh, that’s kinda ..



I’ll leave the two of them

have the nice meal



Before having a dessert,

GON prepared something for her




Thanks for coming


Was the food alright?



I wanted to say this


It’s Christmas

Would you be my girlf…



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