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From the primitive mosaic of terraces and scenic water setting, Lan Vuong resort was designed to create a Cultural – Sport – Tourism area of the recreational region, where formed a small river stretching through the entire section. Coming to this Lan Vuong, Mekong Delta tour, tourists will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food as well as the cool outdoor space and orchard of fruit trees.



1. Scenic setting of Lan Vuong tourist area

Lan Vuong Resort is in the provincial road 887, Phu Nhuan Commune, 5km from Ben Tre city. With a total area of over 20 hectares, it is one of the most famous ecotourism in Ben Tre, with ample space, lush greenery and natural lakes and rivers.

Designed according to the ecotourism model in harmony with nature, Lan Vuong resort is the ideal destination for tourists who enjoy Mekong delta adventure during the hot summer on the weekend or short holiday.

Rejoicing entertainment

Space of trees covers the whole area from the parking lot to the playground. The dining room with a capacity of up to 2000 people, is also roofed with coconut leaves, very spacious and refreshingly airy.

Lan Vuong tourist area is a good place to celebrate gala, seminars, events, … for the unit and organizations. The enthusiastic and professional staff will also leave you unforgettable impression during your journey to discover this Mekong delta tour for family.

Lan Vuong Resort possesses the region of amusement and joy with grand space, wild nature, and immense river. Here, tourists can attend all kind of outdoor activities, even for groups with a large number of members.


2. Sailing riverboat

Most of the recreational games at Lan Vuong resort are full of wildlife in the region of Ben Tre. Karaoke singing, the guitar concert, visit hybrid pig and goat farm and the green grapefruit garden, enjoying fresh fruits such as An Phuoc plum, Taiwanese mango, star fruit, gooseberry, …

In addition, visitors can purchase handicrafts and enjoy typical dishes of the Southern Vietnam at restaurants in the resort. Not only is this a recreational destination, but the Lan Vuong resort is also a picnic spot, camping for many families as well as organizations.

Signature cuisine


3. Ben Tre’s cuisine

Dining at the resort Lan Vuong is a new experience for visitors. Ben Tre’s culinary is not the taste of luxury delicacy but only the simple and rustic country dishes. These dishes are also made from ingredients that the guests engaged in fishing activities. Moreover, Lan Vuong resort also has a varied menu option for tourists to freely choose at an affordable price.

The price ranges of entertainment and services:

– Vietnamese silk pajamas (optional): 30,000 VND / set.

– Monkey bridges: No charge.

– Water bike: 10,000 VND for 3 turns.

– Sailing riverboat: 50,000 VND / 4 persons for one and a half hour.

– Scoop ditch fishing: 800, 000 VND per ditch / 10 snakehead fishes. This game is extremely smudgy, people drop fishes into the ditch for tourists to try catching. It needs a whole team to support. Besides slurry fishing ditches, there are games where you can catch crabs and snails too.

– Bonfire and camping (a group of 30 guests): Fee depends on the arrangement.


4. Camping at Lan Vuong resort

Currently, the Lan Vuong tourist area has a combo package of 250 -270,000 VND / person for groups of 20 people and over. Lan Vuong resort also has a carny, who supports and organizes all the fun activities for the group.

Necessary notes

  • The weekend and holiday period are very crowded for the resort, so to ensure the best time to visit Mekong Delta, tourists travel in crews, should call in advance.
  • Bring shampoo and shower gel for the bath after the outdoors activities.
  • Have a pair of slippers for your convenience traveling.

The above suggestions are the guides to visit and enjoy Lan Vuong, Ben Tre tourism. This is a popular destination and visitors will not be disappointed when traveling to Lan Vuong resort. Not only do tourists get to taste the specialties of Ben Tre but will also be immersed in the green nature of idyllic countryside and participate in exciting activities of Mekong delta tour.

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