7 Unmissable Activities in Lunahuana

Enjoy the landscape, people, food, sun and adventure sports. When you want to relax near Lima, an ideal place to enjoy is in Lunahuaná.

Feel the air in your face, break with the monotony, escape the urban world, 2 and a half hours leaving Lima by car and 3 by bus, you arrive in San Vicente de Cañete by the Panamericana Sur. Then you must take a taxi or a bus to go to Lunahuaná, for 45 minutes (if you go in two sections).

For many travelers, it is considered the center of extreme sports. There is always some adventure to do to have a good time. It all depends on the season and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

How to get?

You can go on your own in your car (if you have a good map and you are well equipped), take a public transport from the center of Lima (not recommended), travel in a group on a tour (it is important to investigate the agency) or travel on your own in an interprovincial transport, whether Soyuz, Ettusa or Flores brothers.

From Lima, there is no direct transportation to Lunahuaná. You can do it in two sections or three. I recommend you do it in two sections, in Ettusa transport because it takes you to Imperial when you arrive near the agency you will find the bus stop (combis) to go to Lunahuaná. With other companies you would have to make three tranches; because they would leave you in San Vicente de Cañete, you would have to take a bus to Imperial and return to take a bus that would finally take you to Lunahuana.

Costs: Costs vary by company, season or time (if holiday). Bus tickets cost around 15 to 25 soles (depending on the date) and upon arrival at Imperial the second transport between 3 to 7 soles.

Activities in Lunahuana

There are many activities such as: conducting a group camp; tour the mountain bike landscape, ride a quad bike, ride a horse, cross the Catapalla suspension bridge, rappel down, slide zip line (canopy).

Rafting on the Canete River

It is an explosion of emotions going up and rowing in front of the sun, feeling the adrenaline is impressive. You feel that you break the seal, turning the boat, avoiding the stones, going down hard in the middle of the sea, is a unique feeling.

The most important thing is to listen to the instructor, follow the codes (if it is your first time to the letter), take into account security measures, take a breath and shout everything you want and take back energy, when you return you will Feeling light as if you were a feather and relaxed.

Most companies that offer the service provide the necessary equipment (helmet, vest and nautical clothing), however, you should wear sunscreen and repellent before entering and I suggest you bring your water shoes.

The trip can take 40 minutes to an hour on the Cañete River, depending on the agency and the contract. People from the age of 8 to 70 can take the ride, even more, if you have the strength and energy to do it. Performing this walk is around 40 to 45 soles ($ 15).

If you want to take a souvenir, buy yourself an aquatic camera (not expensive); otherwise you can pay 40 soles for your photos (per person). This walk takes place in San Jerónimo.

Camp in San Jeronimo

To make a campsite in Lunahuaná you have to make a contract with a tour operator, it is recommended. Camping in San Jerónimo is the most successful, it is the best place in the valley. They also offer all the comforts: they have parking, barbecue grills, a place to change and a lift to climb.

I advise you to make this family camp is hilarious, also you will have everything at hand.

Ride in ATV

If you like speed and air hitting your face, don’t stop climbing on a quad bike, you’ll be stuck. Getting the service is simple, several agencies provide it. It is advisable to practice very early and use a lot of blockers.

Most agencies offer glasses, a helmet, and a guide. You can rent it individually or double (an adult plus a child or someone with little weight).

The ride lasts about 45 minutes and costs approximately 40 to 50 soles (depending on the season and if it is a holiday season) if it is individual and double around 50 to 60 soles.

Slide zip line (Canopy)

If you want to feel the adrenaline rushing through your whole body, the strength of your body when sliding at speed, the fury of risk, the air closing your ears and you want to forget everything for a few minutes.

The zip line or canopy is an extreme sport, remember you will be suspended in the air at high speed and you will fly over the Cañete River and the valley from one side to the other. The feeling is unique and unrepeatable.

For many it is the maximum for others they will feel that it is very expensive for such a short time; however worth it. If you like extreme sports. It lasts 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the sections you make.

There are two routes: the short one is up to 750 meters and the longest one reaches 900 meters, it is considered one of the longest in South America. The price of this adventure is between 60 to 80 soles.

Traveler Data

  • It is also not advisable to get pregnant, or people drunk or if you have a bad heart.
  • You must do it from the town of San Jerónimo (kilometer 33.5 of the Cañete- Yauyos road ). It is preferable to rent a cabin near the river.

Descend to Rappel

It is an extreme sport that requires a lot of confidence and is a challenge. If you plan to start this adventure in Lunahuaná, look for a good guide that gives you security and all the necessary equipment to do it.

I recommend going with someone to support you and help you if necessary. It is important that before downloading you notice that everything is correctly installed and attached where appropriate.

Take into account that you face various obstacles until you reach the mainland. If you want to perform this challenge, the price is around 50 soles.

Ride, walk and cross the Catapalla bridge

You can get up very early, to be the first and go by taxi to the bridge; otherwise, if you have a scheduled tour, much better. If you want to feel the breath of the wind and contemplate a beautiful landscape, cross the suspension bridge of Catapalla. At present, he is somewhat careless.

When you cross the bridge, you can rent a horse riding service. You can make two routes (one short and one long), but the best is the second one, which lasts 30 minutes and you can go through the archaeological remains of Suero, Also the Catapalla viewpoint and an apicultural center. Upon return, you can take a walk and take advantage of walking through the town.

It is very important to ask the agency that you hire about the places you are going to visit. Take into account that cheaper will be less time, do not be fooled. The cost is 40 to 50 soles (long route).

Traveler Data

Do not forget to take your cell phone to take selfies while riding your horse or take a good camera to record the landscape is beautiful. If you are a bird watcher, you will find a great variety.

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