5 famous destinations in Saigon – secrets of the name


There are many beautiful and famous places that you can discover on Saigon group tours. However, do you know there are also many interesting stories about the origin of some famous destinations in Saigon? Let’s find out in this writing.

 Ben Nghe


Ben Nghe ward

Previously, Ben Nghe was the name for a wharf in Saigon as well as the name of a small busy water canal in Saigon. According to “Phuong Dinh geography book” in 1900 as well as the section “Gia Dinh province” of “Dai Nam unified” book, the authors explained that the name Ben Nghe came from the roar of the crocodile on the canal. According to him, the crocodile’s creaking sound on the canal seems like buffalo sound, which creates the name Ben Nghe as the combination of Nghe as the name of buffalo and the “water landing”. However, scholar Truong Vinh Ky said that the Ben Nghe place name is translated from the Khmer language.

Today, on Saigon day tours, you can find that the name Ben Nghe is used for award in District 1. This area is now attracting a large number of domestic and foreign visitors by Nguyen Hue walking street with many activities.

Turtle Lake


Turtle Lake

The time starting construction of Turtle Lake is not yet clear, but in some recording documents, it was built in 1965 – 1967. According to the legend, the location of Turtle Lake and the Independence Palace is closely related. Many feng shui interpretations suggest that the construction site of the Independence Palace is located on the head of a sleeping dragon and the position Tortoise Lake is in the tail of that dragon.

For that reason, the construction of Turtle Lake in the position of the dragon tail is to hold the dragon tail from waving when it is awake as the turtle is heavy and is one of The Four Holy Beasts in Vietnam. With that meaning, Turtle Lake is believed to protect the land of ancient Saigon. The shape of the tower in the lake is like a sword (or nail) that is to hold the dragon tail.

Today, Turtle Lake has been officially named as International Site. This place is not only the intersection of Pham Ngoc Thach, Vo Van Tan, and Tran Cao Van routes but also many restaurants, cafes, parks and other famous tourist attractions such as Biao Electric City, Notre Dame Cathedral. Therefore, although there is no turtle in the lake, Turtle Lake is still a destination to attract a large number of tourists who have a travel to Saigon.

Thi Nghe


Thi Nghe canal

Everyone in Saigon knows about the bridge that crosses the famous Thi Nghe canal connecting District 1 and Binh Thanh District. According to the book written by Trinh Hoai Duc in 1820, Thi Nghe was the name of Ms. Nguyen Thi Khanh who built the bridge. People respect her for clearing the land and build the bridge crossing the river to serve local people. She was also the wife of a secretary at the time and the eldest daughter of the imperial court Nguyen Cuu Van.

Today, going to the Thi Nghe area, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the city by traveling on the yacht route next to the bridge. Not only will they hear about the history of the city, enjoy the amateurs, but also enjoy the view of the two banks with many unique historic buildings.  Interesting experience for your Saigon tours, right?

Lang Ong – Ba Chieu


Lang Ong – Ba Chieu

When referring to Ong Tomb – Ba Chieu, many people still think that this place is a shrine of two people named Chieu, but in fact, this temple is a place worshiping Ta Quan Le Van Duyet. There are many ways to explain the name of the temple. According to the narrator, because of the abstinence of the name of the temple, this place’s name was paired with the name of the neighboring Ba Chieu market becoming Ong Ong – Ba Chieu.

With an area of 18,500 square meters, the temple has 3 main works: beer house, tomb, and shrine. This place also worships Deputy Lieutenant, Phan Thanh Gian, and the “heroic martyrs”. In 1989, the entire tomb was recognized by the Ministry of Culture as a National Cultural History.

Thu Thiem

Previously, the South was quite popular with the name starting with the word “Thu” meaning the head. The name Thu Thiem has appeared since the end of the 18th century. It is explained that “Thu” is a feast of feudalism and also a position to refer to the head of any organization or administrative unit, and it is possible that the commander of the military station name Thiem. As a result, local people call that military Thu Thiem.

At present, on your Saigon group tours, when referring to this name, the Saigon people, especially young people will think of new urban areas along the tunnel across the Saigon River. This place is ideal for those who want to escape the noise of the city to find a spacious and cool space in the afternoon.

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