3 big food courts for a lost-in-direction day in Saigon


We all know that Vietnam food tour is an essential part in any of your trips to Hồ Chí Minh City. However, what if some bad weather suddenly hits the city and your tours are forced to be canceled? Or in the middle of a burning sunny day and you get stuck knowing nowhere to reach for a lovely meal? Here reveal three big food courts in three big districts across Saigon in case you would get lost in the middle of nowhere.


A food court in Saigon

Takashimaya – Saigon Centre

Takashimaya is the latest shopping mall brought to Saigon within a couple of years back and now sitting on the first ranking as the most high-end shopping centers in the city. Hence, there is no reason you cannot find your favored food brand here as Takashimaya gathers almost all famous F&B names in the city. From the main course to dessert, Takashimaya has it all. Not only Vietnamese, but Korean, Thai, Japanese, British and American leading names are also here to serve.

If you happen to be in downtown and get drown in a bunch of ideas on where to head to, then feel free to reach Takashimaya food court center. For the most luxurious star, Basta Hiro is here, then you get Cowboy Jack’s, Hoàng Yến Corp. with a bunch of up-scales Việt buffet. Otherwise, Wrap ‘n’ Roll and Hot Pot are on the way. In terms of non-Vietnamese delicacies, you have Gogi House and Gyu Shige for some Korean and Japanese hits. If you look for some dishes to spice your day up, Thai Express is available. Otherwise, Crystal Jade brings you to a high-class Chinese vibe with its dim sum selections. With this way, you can freely grant yourself a “handmade” food tour in Vietnam.


Runam Cafe


After scanning through Saigon downtown District 1, it is time to move a bit further to District 2 with The BLOQ, a newly-inaugurated F&B and photography complex. The BLOG goes against the common trend when bringing a whole new innovative design with a container-made concept, young and dynamic. The BLOQ is spacious with full of fresh air, which brings in a totally brand new breath to the citizens of Saigon.


Luxury The BLOG

Each of the service here including restaurants, bistros, and patisseries specifically delivers a different designation to meet the diversified need of young Saigonese and travelers. As a consequence, District 2 is now having a lot more to offer besides some best Vietnam food tours to this locality.

One thing in common compared to most of the food courts across Hồ Chí Minh City is that The BLOG does not lack any big representatives in the field of International cuisine. Over here, you can find Mexican, Thai, Korean and obviously Vietnamese delicacies. This way help you lessen your homesickness while still able to deliver an authentic Vietnamese savor to your table.


Brotzeit – Western cuisine

Let us help you brief out some iconic brands before your entering to The BLOG. For Vietnamese home-made cuisine, we have Chị Hoa Vietnamese Cuisine ready, Tuk Tuk Thai Bistro is now just so famous that we do not need any more words to introduce. For Mexican dishes, taco and burrito are definitely the best symbolic reputation.

Vạn Hạnh Mall

This is somehow a lesser-known food court with its location set in District 10, right outside the heart of Saigon. As better aimed at native young Saigonese on the outskirt of Saigon downtown, Vạn Hạnh Mall has everything it to adapt the various demands from the young such as popular beverage and milk tea.


Inside Vạn Hạnh Mall

Vạn Hạnh Mall, as open in a part of Saigon Chinatown, the site better concentrates on Asian-inclined gastronomy. When talking about Asian culinary, Japan is surely on the top of the chart with its Sushi Kei restaurant, a paradise of diverse sushi and sashimi choices. Khao Lao brings you to an off-beat Laos cuisine, while Thai Express once again takes your heart with its brilliantly spicy food.


BBQ at Vạn Hạnh Mall

Other than that, beef lovers cannot skip Dolpan Sam, Seoul Garden, and GoGi House to jump in a huge offer of the grilled beef menu. Last but not least, those big foodies hunting down for some sweet, sour and hot food all in one cannot forget Hotpot Story, Kichi Kichi, and HuTong. Vạn Hạnh Mall can now be your next favorite Vietnam food tour guide on the way.

These food courts in Saigon will give you another prism into what we know as Vietnam food tour by far. This way you can easily fill your stomach without thinking too much.

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