Saigon is not so big, but there are many places for Saigon residents and tourists to enjoy the bustling atmosphere of this place. Today, Southern Vietnam tours will introduce you where to go in Saigon.

1/ District 1:

  • Nguyen Hue walking street


Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is a large square in the heart of Saigon, where people have the pleasure to roam in the bustle and joy of the city. Tourists who first travel to Southern Vietnam must visit this place.

In this area, you can also walk down to the City People’s Committee to see one of Saigon’s oldest buildings. Adjacent to the new Vincom A is also a perfect playground in District 1 for you, you can admire the booths vibrantly and sparkling in the LED light, or simply down the dining area of Vincom is enough to roam the whole evening.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most unique buildings in Saigon. The church is two twin towers, surrounded without any fences. The foundation of the church is specially designed, withstand loads of 10 times the entire church structure above. From the outside, from the wall to the whole roof are bright red bricks, no moss clinging to mold. This is a truly great architectural work of great historical and architectural art.

  • Independence Palace


Independence Palace

One of the typical architecture of Saigon is the Reunification Palace or the Unification Hall. This is a time-stamped building located on a 15ha plot in the heart of the city. The Independence Palace is both an ideal tourist destination and a place for holding conferences, seminars, and receptions of domestic and foreign agencies and enterprises. Currently, it has been ranked by the Prime Minister of Vietnam as a special national monument.

  • Sai Gon Center Post Office

This is an architectural style that has many features of European architectural style combined with Asia. Built-in 1886 and completed in 1891 under the design of architect Villedieu, this massive building is located on a high mound on the side of the Basilica Cathedral, behind is Hai Ba Trung Street. Nowadays, around the main building, there are many architectural works for the installation of machines and modern post office equipment. This is an ideal destination for Saigon tours.

  • City Opera House


City Opera House

Located at Le Loi’s end, located on Dong Khoi street – the center of Ho Chi Minh city, next to two major hotels Caravelle and Continental. The theater is considered as the most typical and expensive cultural works in Saigon under the French colonial period. At present, the Ho Chi Minh City Theater is the place where professional theatrical performances are organized such as performances of opera, ballet, music, ballet, folk, opera for all art troupes in and over the country.

  • Vietnam History Museum

This beautiful but less well-known building was built in 1885, once the French Governor’s Palace, the Gia Long Palace, the Supreme Court, the Liberation Museum and finally the Ho Chi Minh Museum. Here you can see photographic material on the liberation war in Vietnam, starting with the resistance war against France and ending with the resistance war against America.

2/ Thu Duc District:

  • Suoi Tien tourist area


Suoi Tien

Suoi Tien is one of the popular weekend entertainment venues of the people of Ho Chi Minh City and all visitors to the country and abroad. Here, visitors will enjoy the natural scenery: there are streams, forests, fish tanks … are arranged interstitial, harmonious combination in a large green space.

3/ District 10:

  • Traditional Medicine Museum of Vietnam


Vietnam Museum of Traditional Medicine

The Vietnam Museum of Traditional Medicine, located in District 10 of southern Ho Chi Minh City is a place for visitors who want to learn more about traditional medicine in Vietnam. Here on display are more than 3,000 exhibits dating from the Stone Age to the present. The Vietnam Museum of Traditional Medicine was built and managed by the Fito Pharmacy Company Ltd., hence it is also called the FITO Museum.

4/ District 5:

  • China Town


China town

In Saigon, there is one of the most populous Chinese neighborhoods in District 5. Here, the Chinese have built streets with their characteristic architecture. The Cholon area is home to the Chinese and is often called China town.

  • World water park

World Water Park is located in the cultural center of District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, a fun and exciting place for young people to explore the water world on hot summer days. The world of new and modern games, health care services … not only suitable for teens but also for older people, especially those who need to restore balance and recover the health after hard work hours.

  • East-West Avenue

Boulevard Vo Van Kiet – Mai Chi Tho and urban corridors along this road, with important functions in transport and cultural values, social, urban architecture and special natural landscape, preserve and promote the value of ancient architectures.

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