Vietnam tour for couple with top tallest skyscrapers in Vietnam


If you’re on your romantic honeymoon, you want to travel somewhere special for a memorable honeymoon tour, let’s visit top tallest skyscrapers I’ll mention below and enjoy a wonderful Vietnam tour for couple.

1. Keangnam Landmark 72 in Hanoi

Keangnam Landmark 72 in Hanoi opened in May of 2012 consists of two 50-storey office buildings and a 72-storey high-rise tower. This complex building provides you with a lot of services, such as apartments, offices, shopping malls, and hotels. With the height of 336 meters, Keangnam Landmark 72, one of the tallest buildings in Hanoi as well as in Vietnam, is an ideal place for you to enjoy a fascinating Vietnam tour for couple with your partner. From the top of 72-storey tower, you can have the best view of this pretty city.

Keangnam Landmark 72 in Hanoi]

Keangnam Landmark 72 in Hanoi

2. Lotte Center in Hanoi

With the height of 267 meters, Lotte Center in Hanoi, another suggested destination for your Vietnam tour for couple, is the second tallest skyscraper in this country. Like Keangnam Landmark 72, Hanoi Lotte Center is a complex building of shopping center, offices, hotels, and flats. This building has 65 high-rise floors and 5 basements. It would be a nice destination for couples to have a happy honeymoon in Vietnam.

Lotte Center in Hanoi

Lotte Center in Hanoi

3. Bitexco Tower in HCMC

Bitexco Tower is 262.5 meters high with 68 floors. It was designed in the shape of lotus – Vietnamese national flower. Bitexco Tower now is the tallest skyscraper in HCMC with an impressive glass construction and a ground for landing helicopter. However, it may soon become the second tallest building when Vinhomes project is completed. If you want to have a nice Vietnam honeymoon in HCMC, you should visit this skyscraper once, take some photos or enjoy the best view of this city.

Bitexco Tower in HCMC

Bitexco Tower in HCMC

4. VietcomBank Tower in HCMC

Standing in the 4th position is the new head office of Vietcombank which is 55.000 square meters large with the view to Saigon River. This 205-meter-high tower was opened to the public in 2015.

5. Da Nang Municipal Administration

With the height of 166.9 meters, Da Nang Municipal Administration is ranked at the 5th place in this list. This tallest skyscraper in Da Nang looks like a lighthouse and has a modern managing technique. Moreover, this building is also highly appreciated due to its environmental friendly feature. So, new couples coming to Da Nang to enjoy a nice Vietnam honeymoon can visit this skyscraper.

Da Nang Municipal Administration

Da Nang Municipal Administration

6. Muong Thanh Hotel in Nha Trang

Muong Thanh Nha Trang is the latest 5-star hotel opened in December of 2014. It is 166 meters high. It also has an ideal position with a beautiful beach view. So, if you’re on your honeymoon in Nha Trang, let’s stay in this tallest hotel in Vietnam.

7. Saigon Times Square in HCMC

Standing at the 7th place in this list is a 163.5-meter skyscraper in HCMC – Saigon Times Square. It’s also known as one of the most colorful building in Ho Chi Minh City at night which is placed in one of the most expensive landscapes in this city. This skyscraper is a complex building which consists of many “boutique” bars, restaurants, offices, apartments, and 5-star hotels. In this complex, you can use any service that you need in a memorable Vietnam honeymoon. Why don’t you come and enjoy them?

Saigon Times Square

Saigon Times Square

8. Novotel Da Nang Premier Han River

Another skyscraper hotel named in this list is Novotel Da Nang Premier Han River. This hotel is 155.4 meter high, opened right on the National Independent Day celebration in 2013. This 37-floor building is estimated as one of the most attractive destinations in Da Nang. This hotel is also a recommended hotel for a nice stay when you travel to this city.

9. Petroland Tower in HCMC

Petroland Tower in HCMC, a 155-meter-high building, is not only the financial center of Phu My Hung Petro Group but also a complex of offices for hire as well as apartments. This skyscraper located in 7 District in HCMC is one of the tallest building in this city and in Vietnam, also.

10. Nha Trang Havana

Nha Trang Havana, being 150 meters high with 41 floors, is a high-rise hotel building with bars, restaurants and swimming pool offering the best services for tourists to Nha Trang. It’s managed by a well-known agent – Best Western International – from the USA. Let’s visit and stay there to use the best services offered by Nha Trang Havana and enjoy a wonderful Vietnam honeymoon in this one of top tallest skyscrapers in Vietnam.

Nha Trang Havana Hotel

Nha Trang Havana Hotel

Above are top 10 tallest skyscrapers in Vietnam suggested for you to visit in your Vietnam tour for couple. Let’s visit and have an exciting moment when standing on the top of these building, try to touch the sky and enjoy the stunning view as if you’re in the top of the world.

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