The summer is coming, this is also a time for families to find the places that their children can have fun and safe. Take a quick look at the list of top children-friendly places below to have one of the most interesting Vietnam all-inclusive packages.

I/ Ho Chi Minh city

1/ Tiny world playground

This paradise playground includes a lot of games and activities extremely interesting for the children. The Area of motion games consecutively “Juno Playland” is arranged like a tropical jungle with ball houses, multi-lane slides that will be great for active kids.


A part of tinyworld playground

Those kids who love to learn can still enjoy and play their favorite game in the intellectual arena – “teRa Torium”.

Youngsters can also show off their skilled hands with their parents or friends through games such as sand painting, paint the statue, paper painting, and be making beautiful bracelets in the game area “piCa Hut ”

In addition, “kiLo Korner” with their favorite snacks is an indispensable area for our little kids to get energized to continue playing at tiNiWorld. Especially, the children will have the opportunity to meet and interact with four extremely famous characters of tiNiWorld are juNo, teRa, piCa, and kiLo.

2/ SC VivoCity


Outside of SC Vivocity

SC VivoCity owns the Sky Park outdoor park on the first terrace in Vietnam. Sky Park includes the Vivo Playground and the 3D wall paintings. The children can have fun, climbing comfortably with the cool fountains. On the downstairs, there is an Apple Kids Club with plenty of games to choose. Here, parents can let their kids play, they can also go sightseeing and shopping delight with the famous brand. There is also a gastronomic area with many famous restaurants, where are ideal places to satisfy your kids’ stomach after having fun. This is an ideal place for Vietnam family tours.

II/ Ha Noi city

1/ The Booksquare 12 Hoa Ma

The book square is located on Hoa Ma street, not only a regular bookstore but also a place for learning, meeting and stimulating the creativity of the kids.


The second floor of the Booksquare

There are books in complex space of the first and second floor, especially the second floor has the reading corner is very cute for the kids. They can come in and enjoy the books there. Books are also carefully selected for a variety of ages. In each reading area, many of the seats are designed to be fun, inspiring and spread the love of reading.It’s such an ideal destination you’re your kids in Vietnam all-inclusive packages.

Weekly free storytelling is also available in the lobby on the first floor. The third floor is a coffee shop, making cakes for small children and often at The Booksquare also has many meaningful activities such as how to make a robot, teaching drawing, etc.

2/ Royal City

This is a fun place to attract many young people as well as children because of the diversity of this underground city. As the name implies, this famous commercial center is built like a miniature city, you can find anything you want, basic needs like watching movies, eating, shopping or having fun, etc There are all in Royal City.


Royal City is built like a modern tiny city

Children do not only visit, shopping, but also participate in many exciting activities for children such as indoor water park, ice skating, bowling … After tired of playing games, your family can eat right here with diverse dishes from countries around the world. Have fun and enjoy foods at the same time, this is an ideal place for children and families in Hanoi when joining Vietnam package tours.

III/ Da Nang city

1/ Da Nang Helio Center playground :


A panoramic view of Da Nang Helio Center

Helio Center is a leading playground for children in Danang today. Your family looking for a playground for children near the city center, you should not forget this place. Certainly, you will be very excited about the model of fun games, most modern here. Helio brings together the world’s best games such as Show Yourself for the kids who like to play with the music, Mini Digger – a chance to be a builder and exciting experience when driving a loader. The colorful ball house catches all eyes of children, etc There is also a special play area for children to practice cooking and freedom to explore the surrounding nature. It is also one of the centers for organizing trade fairs, coffee systems, dining restaurants. Helio Center is definitely a great choice, in accordance with the desire of parents who want children to experience the joyous moments while participating in tourism in Danang! So do not ignore this amusement park!

2/ Da Nang Children’s Culture Palace:


The unique design of Da Nang Children’s Culture Palace

Adjacent to Helio entertainment center, Da Nang children’s cultural center is located on 2nd September street and has 3 floors including multifunctional area. Your family will be impressed with the unique design space, the extreme background always attract many visitors to take a photo check in here. The cultural offer includes amusement parks, playground, classrooms, sports rooms, libraries and conference halls. Step into the center of children’s culture you will be very excited with the layout of the outdoor play area, garden, interesting corner, … and not only that, when visiting this place, the children will be able to get a lot of useful things!

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