Top 3 poetic streams in Phu Quoc for your Vietnam off the beaten track tours


Phu Quoc Island has been a popular spot for tourists all over the world for years. However, a disadvantage of this is that it is often very crowded in tourist season. Today, Vietnam off the beaten track tours will show you the most attractive streams in Phu Quoc, which are less busy than other places and can give you some moments of relaxation.

Da Ban Stream


da ban stream (source: Internet)

There are only 3-4 waterfalls and streams in Phu Quoc and Da Ban is one of them. In fact, it is always regarded by the locals as one of the top waterfalls in Phu Quoc Island. Its name in English means “flat rocks,” which has been inspired by the giant rocks found under the stream. They look as flat as table tops due to the abrasion made by strong currents of water.

  • The ideal time to visit Da Ban Stream

The most appropriate time to pay Da Ban Stream a visit is from the early of May to the late of November. It is the wet season so the stream has quite high flow rate. Da Ban looks the most imposing from June to September because there is rain almost all the time.

  • Things to do when visiting Da Ban Stream

The trip will start getting exciting at the moment you reach the entrance of the stream, where a bridge is located. You need to go across it and walk for a couple of minutes to see the stream. There are trees on both sides of the entrance so that the air is very fresh and good for health.

Once you get there, nothing can be better than having a picnic. You can put your carpet down on some grass field under it and have a brunch. Otherwise, just spread all your food out on a flat rock and enjoy it on the spot. 

In case you want something more adventurous, climbing to Da Ban Upstream will be a great idea. The path is 2 kilometers long and you will need to skirt the sizable rocks along the stream. Don’t miss the chance to contemplate different landscapes of Da Ban Stream on the way to get there.

Tranh Stream


tranh stream(source: Internet)

Although Phu Quoc Island welcomes millions of tourists all year round, Tranh Stream is one of the non-touristy places in Vietnam. It stretches roughly 15 kilometers and composes of little streams on Ham Ninh Mountain. Tranh Stream finds its way into the trees in Phu Quoc forests, making the destination an excellent painting of the natural world.

  • The ideal time to visit Tranh Stream

You should visit it in the months of between April and October. The stream is the most poetic and beautiful at this time.

  • Things to do when visiting Tranh Stream

The most favorite activity of tourists when arriving at Tranh Stream is bathing. The water is so cool and fresh that you will love dipping your body into it all day. Another thing that you and your friends may want to do is to throw a barbecue party right beside the stream. The food will be the fishes that your group catch from the stream so you don’t have to bring anything.   

Also, there are many services in the area around Tranh Stream, such as tents and hammocks for rent, fast food, and fresh water showering. They have quite low prices so don’t hesitate to use them when you need. After taking a bath and having a nice nap, going sightseeing around is what various tourists often do. Trees and flowers here in wet season are very attractive and charming.

Tien Stream


tien stream (source: Internet)

Another less-traveled destination in Vietnam that you can find in Phu Quoc Island is Tien Stream. It is about 1 kilometer in length and flows down from upstream through rocks. In the downstream, the water currents create a small waterfall and a quite vast lake. Despite the fact that you have to go a long way to Tien Stream from Phu Quoc center, the journey is totally worth it.

  • The ideal time to visit Tien Stream

The spot is most magnificent in January and February. This is the time when wild rose myrtles start ripening, the odor of which spreads through every corner of the forest around the stream. There are hundreds of local people, especially couples, coming to the stream to harvest them.

  • Things to do when visiting Tien Stream

Besides common activities, such as bathing or having a picnic, you will love camping in the area around the stream. Listening to the sound of the water while having meals or sleeping under the stars are some very interesting things for you to try.

Moreover, if you want to communicate with the locals, you can join in their collecting rose myrtles. It is fun and you may even get to know how they make wine from those wild fruits. Rose Myrtle wine of Phu Quoc Island is a popular brand and has been favored by thousands of national as well as international tourists.

Therefore, don’t forget to buy some of it as a gift at the end of your Vietnam off the beaten track tours. Your friends and family will find it extremely fascinating.

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