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This is how Saigonese start the very first hours of a day


Morning of Saigonese is a simple yet neo illustration. Once traveling to Saigon, you can pretty much absorb the sense of typical long hours of a day in the city. However, the early moments of a day are something a little fancy for most of you as travelers, or even local Saigonese, whose majority tend to grant most of the early morning time for good sleep. Compared to Hanoi, Saigon wakes up a little later, but it does not mean there are absolutely no early birds in this sleepless city. Check out the morning timeline of a typical day in Saigon down below.


Good morning Saigon

There is a common rumor that if you want to taste the real Saigon, or simply live like a real Saigon youngster, you must stay up all night behind a jam-packed bar down the street of Bùi Viện or on a random rooftop. Meanwhile, some may remain different. In contrast to the familiar hustle and bustle traffic or the killing heat of regular Saigon, somewhere still maintain the lovely simplicity of the authentic Saigon, especially in the morning, when only the most ordinary locals would wake up in the middle of a new dawn listening to the loving ground sweeping sound of the public cleaners. If you ever have a chance to walk down the streets in Saigon in an early morning, or pretty much while joining in a special morning Saigon private tour, you will be likely to spot out the elder people jogging in the spacious green parks, or a group of native Saigonese filing piles of daily newspaper at a hidden corner of a crossroad.


Coffee down the street

Looking further towards the other side of the thoroughfare, mothers and grandmothers are getting ready for their little noodle vendors in case some male workers or young students rushing for a quick breakfast, or sometimes, all you need to do is to get some scarce fresh air while sipping black drops of coffee stored in a little cup placed on a small plastic chair. A little later minute afterward may let you see groups of young bustling students biking to schools. 


A noodle vendor

Saigon’s morning is formed by a collection of routine melody. It can be heard from the daily chit-chat of an old couple exercising on the street or the crackle of Bánh Mỳ vendors pushed up the slopes. If possible, do not forget to sign up for a tailor-made day tour in Saigon in order to fully sense the true Saigon vibe that is not torn apart when rush hour comes.


Early Bánh Mỳ for a quick breakfast

If you are questioning yourself what a typical breakfast in Saigon is like. Here is your answer! Breakfast here in this Southern metropolis is not a sophistication. Just a pull-over at a street’s corner can get you a hot savory Bánh Mỳ, a small pack of sticky rice, fragrant broken rice with pork chops or even a steamed sweet potato. The vibe and soul of Saigon are what we referred to as integration and multi-culture, Saigon cuisine is accordingly born. A small chair, a glass of Cà Phê Sữa Đá and a hot teapot can make one’s morning great again.


Cà Phê Sữa Đá

Morning time is the best moment for catching up with the World. A newspaper is then a must-have gift for local old men. You may never have a chance to find somewhere else, where two strangers suddenly involve in a conversation exchanging news, no matter who they are, even an intellectual or a motorcycle taxi driver.


When the street is still sleeping

Saigon is like that. This city, though seems pretty hustle and packed at first sight, turns out to be so loving and familiar when you gradually come closer to its heart, get in touch with the real locals, live like a true Saigonese, breath the fresh morning air and sense the early sunlight of the town with someone whom you may never meet before. It may sound strange, but living this way may lead you to the endless unexpected. Why don’t you ever think of giving yourself a chance to feel Saigon in the most bizarre way? Saigon private tours can be your best answer.

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