Things to do in Saigon: Top Saigon Tourist Attractions


Considered as the Pearl of the Far East, Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City was the center of economics and entertainment of Indochina. Since French and American colonization, Saigon tourist attractions have attracted numerous flocks of tourists from every single part of the world.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City – The Pearl of Far East (Source: Internet)

If you are traveling to Saigon but not having much time to explore the whole city, taking a tour around the city center is absolutely the first priority. There are some must-see destinations in Saigon that visitors should not miss. Let's read this article from!

Reunification Hall (Dinh Doc Lap)

Also known as Independence Palace, Reunification Hall is an architectural work that represents the historical values of Ho Chi Minh City. The palace was built in 1962 and used to be the home and the workplace of Southern Vietnam Governors during the Vietnam War. During the Fall of Saigon, it marked the end of the War when the Northern Vietnam Army tanks crashed its main gates on April 30th, 1975.

Reunification Hall

Reunification Hall, Saigon Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Not only does the Hall display the history of Vietnam but it is also a masterpiece of art. It is a combination of Eastern and Western styles. Nowadays, Reunification Hall has become a national historical and cultural site which attracts a huge number of tourists each year.

Central Post Office (Buu Dien Thanh Pho)

Located at Paris Commune Street, District 1, Saigon Central Post Office is a must-stop destination for Saigon City Tours.  It is a typical colonial French Building.

Saigon Central Post Office

Saigon Central Post Office – an Eiffel-designed building (Source: Internet)

The post office was built in 1891, based on the design of Eiffel – the globally famous French architect and has become the busiest post office in the city. As a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and French influences, the post office attracts tourists with the typical characteristics of French-style architecture. Walking into the Central Post Office, visitors would feel like they are brought back to a 20th-century building in Europe rather than an Eastern post office.

Nowadays, the post office still offers all kinds of traditional postal services such as mailing, selling postcards or stamps, and exchanging foreign money.

Notre Dame Cathedral (Nha Tho Duc Ba)

Opposite to the Central Post Office locates the Notre Dame Cathedral – a significant symbol of Saigon. Built in 1880, the Cathedral is the important worship place of a large Catholic Community in Saigon. The church is among the most popular Saigon tourist attractions.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral – Symbol of Saigon (Source: Internet)

The architecture of the Cathedral shows the impact of French civilization and Christianity over Saigon. All the materials used to construct the church was imported from France. A distinctive feature of the church is the twin towers which are approximately 60 meters high. More surprisingly, in 2005, there was a miracle that the statue of the Virgin Mary shed tears.

To pay a visit to Notre Dame Cathedral is among the top things to do in Saigon Vietnam. People all over the world come here to visit the beautiful French-style cathedral. Also, it is an ideal place for taking photos, especially for wedding.

Dragon House Wharf (Ben Nha Rong)

Dragon Wharf used to be a large trading harbor in Saigon. It was the place where Ho Chi Minh – the great leader of Vietnam sat sail on Admiral Latouche Treville – a French ship and started his 30-year journey around the world in June 1911. The city was later named after this big figure.

Dragon House Wharf

Dragon House Wharf – Ho Chi Minh Museum (Source: Internet)

Dragon House Wharf is a mixture of Eastern and Western architecture. The cluster is represented through a main French-style building, which has 2 Vietnamese-dragon-shaped statues on its rooftop, a detail that can be easily found in the architecture of traditional Vietnamese temples and pagodas.

Though it does not function as a dock any longer, Dragon House Wharf has become an important Saigon tourist attraction which enables travelers to explore the culture and history of Vietnam and learn about Ho Chi Minh – a person that has inspired millions of people all over the world.

There are also a lot of fascinating destinations that travelers might find interesting such as Ben Thanh Market, Cu Chi Tunnel, and Giac Vien Pagoda. Many Vietnamese tour operators offer tours around Saigon. However, remember to check everything carefully because there are many copycat and badly-reputed agencies which provide bad services. Do not hesitate, check it out and prepare for your Saigon trip now!

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