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Saigon – Phan Thiết two-day travel itinerary


For those who are totally new to the country, Phan Thiết is a popular coastal site of Bình Thuận Province, which is home to the phenomenal Mũi Né Beach, a dream-like seaside Northern European and Asian love to pass through whenever wintertime hits their own homeland. Located not far away from Saigon and that you may need only 4 hours roughly on a local sleeping coach. Here is a suggested itinerary on doable experiences that helloVietnam tour operator has sorted out for you.


Hang out in Phan Thiết

How to arrive in Phan Thiết from Saigon?

There are several ways to depart from Saigon. Consider trains if your time budget is broad enough. Purchase a train ticket online or head straight to Saigon Train Station (now located in District 3) if you need further details. Other than that, what our locals regularly pick is to get on a domestic sleeping bus, whose tickets can be easily grabbed offline at the East Coach Station (Bến Xe Miền Đồng). Phương Trang is usually the most trustworthy and sought-after option in this case. Or else, do not hesitate to contact your hotel receptionist for a reservation of a smaller car.

Where to stay in Phan Thiết?

Accommodations of all types are easily found online. Resorts that sit along the coastline of Phú Hài Slope or Hàm Tiến Beach provide you a super ideal location to conquer the beach as well as hang out at the city center and the surrounding. Anatara, The Cliff, Sealink City, Bamboo Village are the most famed resorts owning a stunning view from bungalows and villas. More options are listed on OTA such as or Agoda. Airbnb is now newly emerging and fantastic for every kind of travel group. If you are visiting Phan Thiết as a Vietnam tour for family, we highly recommend an Airbnb reservation.


A view from The Cliff

How to spend your two days in Phan Thiết like a local Globetrotter?

This is applied to those who decide to take a night bus to reach Phan Thiết. If you are not the one, adjust this sample to meet your specific schedule.

Day 1:

8 am: It is time for breakfast. Feel free to forget your regular breakfast stereotype ready made at the hotel. Head out to a local market, such as Phan Thiết Market, or nearby bistros for an authentic meal. Bún Chả Cá, or Fish Noodle Soup, Bánh Mì Xíu Mại, or Bánh Mỳ Stuffed With Vietnamese Meatballs are popular choices.


Phan Thiết Market

9 am to 11 am: Pay a visit to the Forgotten Land Sand Park and Rạng Đông Wine Castle. The two are newly emerging landmarks within a couple of years back. Forgotten Land amazes you with a huge collection of sand-made sculptures created by artisans of various nationalities. While Rạng Đông Wine Castle is home to over 20.000 wine bottles and offering a spectacular European-like architecture. These two are usually ranked as must-see sites in a land tour route of Vietnam tour operator.


Rạng Đông Wine Castle

2 pm to 5 pm: Afternoon around this time is a perfect moment to conquer the sea. Go for a swim, kite flying and water crafting are what you can choose to experience. If you want to save it for later, then head straight to Bàu Cát, a magnificent white sand dune surrounding a large lotus pond. Over here, do not forget to join in a jeep tour to contemplate the whole scene under the tropical Sun.


Phan Thiết Beach


Bàu Cát

7 pm: Change the wind with a local dinner at Bờ Kè area across Nguyễn Đình Chiểu Street. Freshly-caught seafood is available for your selection. Menu found here is pretty reasonable compared to high-end restaurants. Once your food treat is done, you may feel like having a long walk on the beach, along the street or spend some serene time in a spa.

Day 2:

Save your final morning here for a short swim in the sea. Afterward, check out and return to Phan Thiết downtown.


Kate festival at Psainu Tower

9 am to 11 am: Make a sightseeing tour around Vạn Thủy Tú Temple to learn about such a spectacular Vietnamese belief on Whales – God of the ocean, Dục Thanh School, Posainu or Po Klong Garai Champa Towers.


Bánh Tráng Mắm Ruốc

2 pm: When your lunch is over, what you can consider is to relax in a cafeteria around Đồi Dương Beach, wander off around Biển Đá Vàng Tourism Village to observe the pristine landscape of Mũi Kê Gà, where sits a long-established French Lighthouse, get to taste local street food such as Bánh Tráng Mắm Ruốc, or Grilled Paper With Shrimp Paste, Bánh Căn, or Mini Pancakes, Nem Lụi, or Grilled Pork Chop around the locality of Thủ Khoa Huân and Tuyên Quyên Streets. If you are a type of travelers who are keen on learning and traveling at once, hit up with a trusted Vietnam local tour operator for the best insight and care.

That is about it! This sample itinerary is super simple and fun to take. The route above was best planned out by our Vietnam tour operator, and now you can feel free to follow and claim the best trip with your besties.

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