Saigon famous landmarks tailor-made tour

Saigon is the city of traditional culture and beautiful landmarks waiting for you to discover. Here is a 2-day Saigon famous landmarks tailor-made tour for your incredible journey.

Day 1

Independence Palace

Independence palace is the very first place that you should visit. This landmark is also a historical spot that witnesses the end of the Vietnam War when a giant tank crashed through the gates in 1975. The 4-story-building has about 100 rooms such as the President’s Office, Minister’s Cabinet room, the Banquet Chamber, Conference Hall, etc. and some of them are open to visitors. Especially in the garden, there is a copy of the 843 tank to memorize the moment of freedom and the original versions are currently stored at the Vietnam Military History Museum.

The Independence Palace

The Independence Palace now is a special national monument

Notre-dame Cathedral Basilica

After spending some time at the Palace, we are heading to one of the must-visit destinations in Saigon. Located in the center of the busiest district in the city, Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica spotted out with its vintage Romanesque-style and the eye-catching red-brick color. An interesting fact which made the “Red Church” special is that this enormous church was built entirely by red bricks and the bell towers still rings clearly every day. Besides, there is a statue of Virgin Maria in front of the church where people who want to pray and ease their mind after a stressful day.

Saigon Central Post Office

Stated to the left of the Red Church it’s the City Central Post Office and it’s also one of the oldest buildings in Saigon. This place offers traditional postal services such as sending letters, packages and there is a counter in the middle of the office with a variety of postcards and stamps. Even though you don’t have any postcard or letter to send, the post office is a very nice place to add up to your Saigon famous landmarks tailor-made tour.

The unique beauty of the busiest post office in Ho Chi Minh City

The unique beauty of the busiest post office in Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Thanh Market

This famous landmark attracts about 10.000 visitors each day and has more than 3000 stalls. From fabrics, food, accessories to handcrafted souvenirs, Ben Thanh Market has almost everything you could possibly think of. The indoor-market closes at 5 pm so if you missed it, you could join the night market outside and it begins at about 6 pm. When the sun goes down, Ben Thanh market is highlighted with neon lights and it’s still the busiest market even day or night.

Day 2

Ba Thien Hau Temple

Most of Vietnam travel agency would suggest this destination for seekers who admire the beauty of traditional culture. Ba Thien Hau Temple was built in 1760 and it’s one of the oldest pagodas of Saigon. The pagoda is dedicated to honoring Mazu – Chinese Sea Goddess and hoping she would protect ships and people on the sea. When you enter the temple, you would find some huge censers full of different kinds of incense and hanging above are lines of coiled incense with the name of the blessed one written on the red paper. There are many colorful statues and sculptures scattered around the temple, remember to explore every corner and you would find interesting things.

Chinese traditional culture of blessing

Chinese traditional culture of blessing

Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market

Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market

At the end of Tran Hung Dao Street, there is an old fabric market which contains hundreds of textile stores with colorful and variety of fabric materials. Most of them are wholesale but there are some retail stores offer tailor service where you could choose the material then pick up the clothes within few days. You can possibly find every trending colors, patterns or kind of fabric in this bustling market. When you come here, it’s not only the market that you would see but also the daily life, the culture of the residents in Cholon through generations.

Bitexco Tower

Bitexco Tower is the financial center and the highest building of the city. Spotted out with its unique design, the tower becomes one of the most famous destinations for tourists. On the 49th floor it’s the glass-enclosed Skydeck where you can see the streets, houses get smaller and the view it’s quite spectacular. There is also a café on the 50th floor, you can have a cup of coffee and relax after long day.