Looking for your other significant? Check out these Saigon temples!


Does it seem strange for non-Asian citizens to pray for a chance of love? Instead, it has been a wonderful fixation we Asians brought on ourselves for the past ages. Hence, today post is walking you through four most prevailing Vietnam heritage sites throughout Saigon that locals dive right into when an aspiration for love and family is triggered.


Praying for love

Jade Emperor Pagoda

Locally known as Phước Hải Temple located on Mai Thị Lựu Street, District 1, the site is ranked first amongst people’s belief as one of the holiest shrines to pray for a chance of love as well as a happy family. If you are taking a Vietnam heritage tours to this venue in Saigon, you would totally be amazed at how crowded the campus is packed with couples and families.

To pray for a chance of expecting, women may visit a little room that sits on the left side from the entrance. There are two rows of boy and girl statues placed on both sides. Follow the instruction of the old lady managing the room. In this scenario, if you are about to practice, have a local guide as an interpreter.


President Obama paid a visit

For those who look for their other significant, all they are required to do is to pray with sincerity, whisper the names of their own and their love in a dream. Afterward, they get to touch the statues of two hymens on both sides. Their praying would soon be heard and dignified.

Miếu Nổi Pagoda (Floating temple)

The floating temple itself is an ancient holy shrine officially named as Phù Châu Pagoda that sits amid Vàm Thuật River, Gò Vấp District. The one and only passageway to arrive at the site are crossing the river on a boat. Phù Châu Temple has become a sensation by words of mouth as a holy shrine that grants prayers’ wishes, especially those with a need of love.


The floating temple

Phù Châu was abandoned in a long period of time until 1989 when a Sino-Vietnamese man donated a sum of money for its renovation. The temple today has put on a totally new makeover with a spectacular style fused by both Chinese and Vietnamese colors.

Thiên Hậu Temple

If you have ever signed up for a Vietnam culture tour in Saigon to the locality of Chinatown, or Cholon, then Thiên Hậu Temple is definitely a highlight to pay a visit. This 250-year-old pagoda is where the Chinese community in Saigon has worshipped one of their most dignified deities, Goddess of the sea. Each day, the site welcomes a huge number of visitors, especially important occasions that fall on the Full-moon day and the first day of Lunar New Year. With such phenomenal reputation, not few women have chosen the site to come over for a sincere praying to be heard.


A couple taking wedding photos inside

Chinatown is a large area that covers mostly districts 5, 6, 10 and 11. Thiên Hậu Temple appeared in 1760 by the distribution of various Chinese groups dwelling in Saigon at the time.

Mariamman Hindu Temple

Mariamman Hindu Temple can be found right close by a Saigon icon, the Bến Thành Market. Having existed over 100 years of age, Mariamman is home to the Goddess of rain, Mariamman, a female deity in traditional belief of Indians following Hinduism. The gaudy exterior and pillars inside have directed people’s attention and interest quite a lot.

What makes the shrine absolutely stand out in the heart of a hectic city is its own authentic and distinctive Indian architecture and a chain of lively and vivid Hindu deities. Not only have Indian visitors picked the place to send their words to heaven, but Vietnamese natives have also put their hearts inside as a trusted site to pray for prosperity, happiness, luck as well as good chances of love. If you are in any essential Vietnam tour to Saigon, do not forget to spare sometime, visit this iconic temple and contemplate its unique physic attractiveness.


The vivid rooftop

Some of those above have been selected as top must-see places in various Vietnam heritage tours to Saigon, or Hồ Chí Minh City. One of the most meaningful reasons for one to travel beside the fact of being open-minded is to witness the virtually local life, if not saying, to live like a real native. Find a local bestie for yourself when in Saigon and try practicing to see if these all are real.

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