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Everything you need for a perfect Saigon travel


Ho Chi Minh City has another lovely name Saigon, which Vietnamese often call as they think about the city named after the president Ho Chi Minh. It is one the best proudness of Vietnamese from the past until now when it was recognized as the Indochina’s pearl. Therefore, it is not totally strange if the city becomes one of the most attractive tourism cities in Asia in general and Vietnam in particular. When paying a visit to this city, what should you know? In the article, performing as the best tour operators in Vietnam, we want to introduce all the useful information you need for a perfect travel to Saigon.


When is the best time you can visit Ho Chi Minh City? Saigon is a typical example for cities located in the tropical weather, so its climate is divided clearly into 2 seasons: dry and rainy season. Each season, Saigon owns its different beauty which makes it become more attractive to tourists and even locals.

  • Rainy season: From May to November, the rains come in and out by accident, which makes people not have enough time to respond.
  • Dry season: From December to April, according to many Vietnam tour operator reviews, it is considered to be the best time for travelers to have the best trip. The weather is often a little hot but you still can find many interesting places to have funny and active activities.


Beautiful Saigon on a sunny day


Because of the active city as well as the economic center of Vietnam, it is not difficult for everyone to find the suitable transportation for them to travel to here. The city has the largest Vietnam international Airport, Tan Son Nhat Airport.

From the Tan Son Nhat Airport, you can find easily many other means of transport to move where you want to go such as taxi, grab, etc. If you have the intention to travel around the city’s inlying areas, you can try to rent a motorbike, the most popular vehicle in Vietnam, to contemplate and travel easily and perfectly. The price of a motorbike is around 80,000-18,000 VND.

Or if you want truly immerse in local life, it is better for you to use by bus because the action is quite meaningful to save the environment as help you to be safe. And, for granted, the price for the transporting kind is extremely cheap.


Saigon bus


You might read a lot of articles about Saigon before your travel, but believe that, the Vietnam tour operator review is really full of information you need. Especially, the followings are the must-visit destination you have to go whenever you come here.

  • Bến Thành Market

Someone says that market is the best place where local’s life, as well as culture, are reflected clearly. Especially, Bến Thành Market is even the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City. Go to the market, you can find out everything you need, from the home appliance to the local specialties. Especially, at night, the market surrounding selling street food and souvenirs, which is quite lively.

  • Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon

Standing in District 1, the Cathedral is like a living witness of the city since the 17th century. The building architecture is the typical French style. Since July 2017, the cathedral has been restored and tourists cannot go inside to visit. However, in 2019, the restoring process will be completed, they can enter the building as usual.

  • Ho Chi Minh Museum

The architecture of the museum is the harmonious combination of Asia-Europe style. Paying a visit to Ho Chi Minh Museum, you will have chances to comprehend more thoroughly about the history and culture of the city

  • Chinatown

On may Vietnam tour operator reviews, Chinatown the most active areas in Ho Chi Minh City. Spread over District 5, 6, 10 and 11, Chinese occupy up to 15 percentages of the population. This is a rare place where you can explore the unique culture of locals not anywhere else in the city. You even never regret if you spend one day in the area to explore many interesting like Bà Thiên Hậu Church, Soái Kình Lâm Fabric Market, and even an uncountable number of local specialties.


Big Market in Chinatown Area

  • Nguyễn Huệ Walking Street

It is the new destination in Ho Chi Minh City, which attracts many attentions of locals as well as tourists. Coming here, specifically at the weekend, you will have opportunities to enjoy the life beat of locals. You can even contemplate the art or music performance of the provincial youth.


After visiting many famous destinations in Saigon, you also should know what the specialties to enjoy are. Because it will be a big mistake if you come to a place without trying local dishes.

  • Pho

You may think that Pho in Hanoi is the best one, but the dish is also quite popular in Ho Chi Minh City thanks to its different savor. Let’s try Pho at any restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City and you may be addicted immediately the dish.

  • Hủ tiếu

Hủ tiếu has even estimated the most colorful dish in Saigon whenever you enter a luxurious restaurant or a food stall on the pavements because there are many kinds of the dish. You may be confused if you see on the menu of the specialty like hủ tiếu xương, hủ tiếu nam vang, hủ tiếu mực, etc. The most favorite pick is hủ tiếu nam vang, so you can try the dish as they come to a restaurant.

  • Banh mi

Different from banh mi Hoian or banh mi Hanoi, the banh mi in Saigon also has its own flavor which you will never forget if you have chances to try it at least once. You can ask some reputable tour operators in Vietnam to find the best place for the dish.

  • Cà Phê Sữa Đá (Vietnamese Iced Coffee)


Vietnamese Iced Condensed Milk on the pavement

It can be a big hole if someone misses the special drink when they talk about Saigon Cuisine. The drink is considered as an indispensable part of Saigon culinary culture. When walking around Saigon Streets, you can catch sight of both the old and the youth sitting on the pavements and enjoying coffee deliberately. Therefore, when coming here, you have to try at least one cup of iced condensed milk coffee.


Where to stay is also a big problem when someone takes a visit to Saigon. However, you don’t have to worry about it. It is not difficult for you to find hotels or homestays in an active city like Ho Chi Minh. Recently, people often prefer homestays because its price is reasonable and the inside space is warm and friendly. The place like this can help travelers make many new friends and the trip may be more interesting.


Although some Vietnam operator reviews can be mention before, I still want to remind you:

  • Prepare map or register 3G to avoid losing way and you can find the right way actively.
  • On transportation: be careful with your backpack because, in the public area, there can be pocket burglars.
  • Be care full with street food in Vietnam as well as in Saigon because the food safety is a really big problem with the locals.
  • You can avoid buying some lovely items from hawker because you may be given the low-quality goods while you have to pay a lot of money.

The above is the necessity you need when you come to visit Saigon. If you have any confusing information, you can ask your guide to make it clear. And believe that top tour operators in Vietnam are always ready to help you with the friendly behavior. Therefore, why don’t you book a tour to Saigon to have a perfect vacation with your family?

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