Contemplating flowers in Vietnam tourist attractions


Vietnam is becoming one of the most famous destinations in Asia because of nature’s beauty. There are many special and unique things attracting tourists when they visit Vietnam for the first time. One of the most attractive things in Vietnam tourist attractions is beautiful flowers appearing everywhere they come.

However, in each season, there are just some typical kinds of flowers. In the article, I want to tell some representative types and suggest the best time to travel Vietnam to see them.


Spring is considered as the best time to travel Vietnam because the weather is really glorious. It is also the time when Vietnamese people are busy to prepare for the most important festival in a year – Tet. Therefore, there is nothing surprising if you see a lot of colorful flowers in almost streets in Vietnam. But if you want to enjoy the flowers’ natural beauty, you can go to these destinations.

Spring is the best time to observe the peach blossom

Spring is the best time to observe the peach blossom

Moc Chau

The peach blossom in here is like pastel pink. There are many kinds of blossom and each of them has its own beauty.

Vung Tau

The special type in the province is Do Mai flower. It looks like blossom but it even has a white color. One of its characteristics is its attractive smell which attracts many insects. When coming here, you can feel peaceful and have a romantic area which you may not find in other places.

Sai Gon

You can visit the center of Vietnam economy and view apricot flower that is typical for South’s Tet holiday. If you go to the markets in January, it quite easy for you to run into this flowers.

Its color is seductive on streets in Tet

Its color is seductive on streets in Tet


Vietnam is located in the tropical zone, plants tend to grow up strongly in summer. When you travel to the top tourist attractions in Vietnam like Danang, Hoi An, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, you should spend your time to enjoy nature in there. There are some types of flowers that you will see in Vietnamese summer.

Do Quyen flower

You can go to Lao Cai province to see them. The flower is estimated as the most beautiful one in summer, especially in April.  There is nothing great than waking up early, eating breakfast and contemplating energetic flowers in the early morning.


It is deserved to be the national flower of Vietnam. Lotus is one of the rare flowers which can represent for Vietnamese characteristics. Even, you will be surprised when you see the flowers because of its pure beauty creating a peaceful feeling.

Lotus – Vietnam’s national flower

Lotus – Vietnam’s national flower


If you go out in Hanoi streets, you can see lilies easily. And, absolutely, you can feel its smell even when you haven’t seen it yet. The beauty of the flower makes people think about something royal but lovely. That’s why in almost Hanoi household, there is a lilies vase when summer is coming.


It is ensured that autumn is the best time for people who like romance. When visiting Vietnam in the fall, you may immerse in a romantic atmosphere, feel relaxing and forget your busy life. The flowers in autumn can be the key factor creating the feeling.


An ideal destination for you to enjoy sunflower fields is Hanoi. Many young people choose the fields and they have a lot of lovely photos.

Sua Flower

You can realize the odor of the flowers when you travel on Hanoi streets. It makes sua flowers become quite different from the other ones. And if you feel the smell, it means that autumn is coming in Hanoi.

The smell of the flowers threads all Hanoi streets

The smell of the flowers threads all Hanoi streets


The winter in Vietnam is not too cold like in Western countries. Therefore, tourists still see beautiful flowers at this time.

Tam Giac Mach

A lot of travelers think that it is unbelievable when they see the immense glorious flowers field in Ha Giang Province. At first, the flower is white, after blooming, it turns to pink, purple and lastly is dark red.

Hoa cai

Moc Chau is the best choice to watch the white flower. If you have the intention to pick the province as one of your Vietnam tourist attractions, you should go there in winter to have perfect holidays.

A lot of tourists are surprised because of the immense flower field

A lot of tourists are surprised because of the immense flower field

There is someone saying that flowers are the most beautiful gift which Mother Nature gives to human. Maybe that’s the reason why people are always attracted by their beauty. When you have a travel to one place in the world, especially Vietnam tours, you should contemplate gorgeous field or cluster of flowers.

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