3 best markets to experience Chau Doc culture


A place where locals and travelers come together around everything from food to souvenirs, markets must be some of the most lively and colorful places to visit in the Mekong Delta. Here are the three best markets in Chau Doc where you can experience Chau Doc culture.

Chau Doc Covered Market


Chau Doc Market

In the Chau Phu A Ward, An Giang Province lies the simple Chau Doc Covered Market. There are three distinguishing features about Chau Doc Covered Market. Firstly, the 200-year-old market is often known among locals as Fish Sauce Market for a wide range of dried fish and fish sauces produced from different kinds of fresh fish on the Tien and Hau Rivers. However, it actually offers so much more than you can easily get lost for an hour or two.

If you want to get all your local food specialty shopping done in one place, Chau Doc Market is the place. The “Kingdom of Pickled Fish” is full of salted fish, dried fish, traditional cakes, delicious local specialties, such as grilled glutinous rice filled with banana, and characteristic fruits of the Mekong Delta. Such an ideal place to discover Chau Doc cuisine!

Secondly, as the Chau Doc Market is mainly covered: an indoor section and the outside stalls with tarps overhead, it is usually busy from the early morning until afternoon. Thirdly, this busy fresh-food market reflects the primitive simplicity of the daily life of Vietnamese Southerners. Strolling around the zone for salted fish of all kinds with a cold drink of fresh sugar palm juice in hand and immersing in the characteristic smell, you will get a slice of life in the Mekong Delta, filled with a Southern Vietnam ambiance.

Tinh Bien Border Gate Market


Tinh Bien Market

Curious about the daily life of Vietnamese living near the border gate bounded by Cambodia in the Mekong Delta? You should not miss the large trading center of Tinh Bien, which attracts thousands of traders, shoppers, and visitors on your Chau Doc tour.

The term market is flexible, and in Chau Doc in the Mekong Delta, it applies to vendors selling virtually the same thing from souvenirs to a lot of indigenous specialties of the region all under one roof. These same things sold in one open section of space make life easy for the shoppers, especially foreigners and travelers. Want to try salted fish? Go to the salted fish, where salted freshwater fish is piled into neat mountains. Want fish sauce? Go to the fish sauce stalls, where many kinds of fish sauce are placed on high shelves, with the prices labeled clearly. Want regional culinary highlights? You guessed it, go to the street food stalls.

If you can, take along a Vietnamese speaker. None available? No problem, allow yourself plenty of time. Shop owners are extremely kind, warm, cheerful, and friendly. Don’t be afraid to smell, touch, and ask for tastes. Most will invite you in to try their food and even salted fish. You will find everything from pickled vegetables: lotus roots, pearl onions, garlic, baby eggplant, young bamboo to ready-made clothes, candies, fruits, fermented and dried fish and tasty snacks and meals at the ready. Everything is here making Tinh Bien Border Gate Market a must-stop on any Chau Doc tour.

Chau Doc Floating Market


Chau Doc floating market

Chau Doc floating market is very similar and similarly priced to the other floating markets in the Mekong Delta, but is much quieter and has a lot fewer foreigners. Make sure you visit this market with plenty of time on your Chau Doc food tour. A few well-spent hours from the crack of dawn to around 5 am to 6 am digging through the many boats fully crammed up various goods and products, especially fruit to get ready for an industry day will surely yield some amazing treasures.

Here you can make your food dreams come true with these vendors serving tasty snacks and meals at the ready, be it a bubbling pot of bún riêu (Vietnamese crab noodle soup) – vermicelli with a flavorsome broth of pork bones, freshwater crab meat bound with egg – in an open-air terrace in the animated atmosphere.

If for you the best part of a Chau Doc tour is just to find a quiet corner away from the foot traffic, get lost in the bustle, simply watch people in their daily life, and take in the cheeky banter between the lovely Vietnamese Southerners, then visiting the local markets is one of the things to do in Chau Doc.

Where to go in Saigon?


Saigon is not so big, but there are many places for Saigon residents and tourists to enjoy the bustling atmosphere of this place. Today, Southern Vietnam tours will introduce you where to go in Saigon.

1/ District 1:

  • Nguyen Hue walking street


Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Walking Street is a large square in the heart of Saigon, where people have the pleasure to roam in the bustle and joy of the city. Tourists who first travel to Southern Vietnam must visit this place.

In this area, you can also walk down to the City People’s Committee to see one of Saigon’s oldest buildings. Adjacent to the new Vincom A is also a perfect playground in District 1 for you, you can admire the booths vibrantly and sparkling in the LED light, or simply down the dining area of Vincom is enough to roam the whole evening.

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most unique buildings in Saigon. The church is two twin towers, surrounded without any fences. The foundation of the church is specially designed, withstand loads of 10 times the entire church structure above. From the outside, from the wall to the whole roof are bright red bricks, no moss clinging to mold. This is a truly great architectural work of great historical and architectural art.

  • Independence Palace


Independence Palace

One of the typical architecture of Saigon is the Reunification Palace or the Unification Hall. This is a time-stamped building located on a 15ha plot in the heart of the city. The Independence Palace is both an ideal tourist destination and a place for holding conferences, seminars, and receptions of domestic and foreign agencies and enterprises. Currently, it has been ranked by the Prime Minister of Vietnam as a special national monument.

  • Sai Gon Center Post Office

This is an architectural style that has many features of European architectural style combined with Asia. Built-in 1886 and completed in 1891 under the design of architect Villedieu, this massive building is located on a high mound on the side of the Basilica Cathedral, behind is Hai Ba Trung Street. Nowadays, around the main building, there are many architectural works for the installation of machines and modern post office equipment. This is an ideal destination for Saigon tours.

  • City Opera House


City Opera House

Located at Le Loi’s end, located on Dong Khoi street – the center of Ho Chi Minh city, next to two major hotels Caravelle and Continental. The theater is considered as the most typical and expensive cultural works in Saigon under the French colonial period. At present, the Ho Chi Minh City Theater is the place where professional theatrical performances are organized such as performances of opera, ballet, music, ballet, folk, opera for all art troupes in and over the country.

  • Vietnam History Museum

This beautiful but less well-known building was built in 1885, once the French Governor’s Palace, the Gia Long Palace, the Supreme Court, the Liberation Museum and finally the Ho Chi Minh Museum. Here you can see photographic material on the liberation war in Vietnam, starting with the resistance war against France and ending with the resistance war against America.

2/ Thu Duc District:

  • Suoi Tien tourist area


Suoi Tien

Suoi Tien is one of the popular weekend entertainment venues of the people of Ho Chi Minh City and all visitors to the country and abroad. Here, visitors will enjoy the natural scenery: there are streams, forests, fish tanks … are arranged interstitial, harmonious combination in a large green space.

3/ District 10:

  • Traditional Medicine Museum of Vietnam


Vietnam Museum of Traditional Medicine

The Vietnam Museum of Traditional Medicine, located in District 10 of southern Ho Chi Minh City is a place for visitors who want to learn more about traditional medicine in Vietnam. Here on display are more than 3,000 exhibits dating from the Stone Age to the present. The Vietnam Museum of Traditional Medicine was built and managed by the Fito Pharmacy Company Ltd., hence it is also called the FITO Museum.

4/ District 5:

  • China Town


China town

In Saigon, there is one of the most populous Chinese neighborhoods in District 5. Here, the Chinese have built streets with their characteristic architecture. The Cholon area is home to the Chinese and is often called China town.

  • World water park

World Water Park is located in the cultural center of District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, a fun and exciting place for young people to explore the water world on hot summer days. The world of new and modern games, health care services … not only suitable for teens but also for older people, especially those who need to restore balance and recover the health after hard work hours.

  • East-West Avenue

Boulevard Vo Van Kiet – Mai Chi Tho and urban corridors along this road, with important functions in transport and cultural values, social, urban architecture and special natural landscape, preserve and promote the value of ancient architectures.

Chau Doc – a fascinating destination in South Vietnam


Located in An Giang Province, Chau Doc plays an important role in the economic development of Mekong Delta. While in the past, Chau Doc was only known as a destination for sacred pilgrims, the city nowadays is renowned as a wonderful place with spectacular natural landscapes and distinctive cultural identities. Followings are some essential things to notice to have an unforgettable Chau Doc tour.

When to travel?

Similar to other parts of the Southwest, Chau Doc has a tropical monsoon climate with 2 main seasons: dry season and wet season. Generally, anytime in a year would be suitable to visit Chau Doc.


Chau Doc, An Giang

Chau Doc receives a lot of rain between May and October, and the floating season starts in August. This is considered the best time to travel as visitors can feel the real life of Chau Doc people, yet you need to be careful if not accustomed to the rain. The rest period is sunny and hot. However, the temperature is not too high, therefore not being an obstacle for travel.

How to travel?

Bus is the most common means of transport to travel to Chau Doc. It takes about 6 hours to travel from Saigon. Travelers can easily get a ticket in the West Bus Station in Binh Tan District, Saigon. The price ranges from 120,000 VND to 150,000 VND. But if you want to enjoy the natural landscapes along the way, it is better to go by motorbike. 

Regarding traveling in Chau Doc and adjacent areas, you can hire bikes or motorbikes to go around the city. However, when reaching the countryside, boat and canoe are more convenient. A boat tour around the flooded fields are amazing to try.

Where to go in Chau Doc?

Chau Doc has many things to offer. Whether you are on a Chau Doc tour on a budget or a luxurious tour, there are places that you should never ignore.

Sam Mountain


Ba Chua Xu Temple at the foot of Sam Mount

Located just about 7km from the city center, Sam Mountain is a fascinating tourist attraction in Chau Doc. Not only is the natural scenery of the mountain awe-inspiring, it is also home to many famous religious sites such as Ba Chua Xu Temple (Lady Goddess Temple), Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Tay An Co Tu (Tay An Ancient Pagoda). Especially, the Festival at Ba Chua Xu Temple that takes place from the 23rd to the 27th day of the 4th lunar month welcomes numerous flocks of pilgrims from different parts of the country.

Tra Su Mangrove Forest


Tra Su Mangrove Forest

Tra Su Mangrove Forest is definitely a must-visit that a Chau Doc tour should never miss. The forest is at its best in the floating season (between September and December). You will go aboard a boat to sneak among the narrow canals through the evergreen mangrove forest to watch the diverse ecosystems. You may also come across the lotus fields to admire the green fields dotted with the pink of the lotus flowers and the white of the birds. If fortunately, travelers can catch the glimpse of the locals fishing or farming in the fields. The tranquility and quietness of the rustic countryside will totally leave you in awe.

Chau Doc Floating Village


Chau Doc Floating Village

Due to the special terrain and weather conditions, Chau Doc people choose to make floating houses on rafts to adapt to the water-rising season instead of building firm houses. The life of the locals mainly takes place on the floating houses and the main means of transport is boat instead of bicycles and motorbikes. Visiting the floating village, travelers will be able to explore the idyllic life of the locals. You can ride the boat to go around the village to see how the local earn a living or visit the nearby floating market to buy home the fresh fruits. Here you can also sample the special dishes of the locals. Made from the simple ingredients that can easily found in this region, the dishes are as simple and rustic as southwestern people. Still, the authentic and appetizing taste of these simple dishes will absolutely whet your appetite.

Chau Doc is undoubtedly a worth-visiting destination in South Vietnam. The irresistibly beautiful landscapes as well as the rustic life of the locals in Chau Doc will offer you enjoyable experience that would last a lifetime.

Best Coffee Shops In Saigon


It can be said that in Sai Gon – the busiest city in Vietnam, where young people consider coffee to be a popular habit – a short distance away, there is a new cafe. Not only do they invest in quality, these cafes must be beautiful and need the needs of “taking a selfie” of young people. And the most check in place, the hottest coffee shop is.

So where is the best places in Saigon for the young generation to have good coffee? Let check it out.

Coffee shop 81

Although located in District 1, the restaurant still creates a peaceful, familiar atmosphere on Nguyen Van Nguyen Street. Guests will find impressed from the sign plate, each decoration objects to the wall color fading time. Spacious space with multiple seats makes it easier to choose a seat. The simple menu of drinks with lemonade, coffee, etc. The price of drinks just ranges from  25 000 to 35 000 VND.


The Things

In the heart of the busiest city, on the second floor of the old department Ton, That Dam is The Things. Passing through the small and damp stairs, visitors will come to a little space in the door of the restaurant. Quite and vintage shop suitable for quiet people, photography lover. As one of the top hipster cafe in Saigon, The Things appeared in the clip” looking for Vietnamese coffee” by the correspondent BBC Travel. The drinks are priced from 30000 VND to 50000 VND each.


Ut Lanh

Ut Lanh is located on Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1 and decorated ideas about Saigon in the 80 – 90 to create a space that everyone feels nostalgic. The items in the shop are collected by the owner of the store and “scavenging” throughout the city brought back. The menu is not only full of drinks but also various types of childhood snacks such as baby noodles, pancakes, sausages, snacks, dried beef … Drinks here are prepared according to the formula of the shop. Each drink costs from 40,000 to 45,000 VND.


Thuc Coffee

This is one of the first “no sleep” cafes in Saigon with the bold idea of ​​8x hostesses. Consists of diverse audiences such as students, office workers, literary artists, young people play late or creative workers need a corner. Coffee from an address on Pasteur Street, District 1, is now available in many places in Saigon. Menu drinks from coffee, tea to the fruit smoothies, about 30,000 to 40,000 VND a dish.


Sai Gon Oi

Located in common number 42 Nguyen Hue, District 1, the rest of the room, the cool and near nature. The office has several tables, suitable for both walking or group of friends can see the whole house of Nguyen Hue. The weekend is the time of crowds, Sunday usually run out of the afternoon and the balcony is the place everyone wishes. The price of a drink here is about 35,000 – 55,000 VND

The Open Space

This is both a coffee space and a cafeteria and yoga class. So diners come to the shop not only enjoy drinks, listen to music, read books, work but also can participate in bakeries, art discussions openly as the name itself. Drinks and cakes in the restaurant are priced from 40,000 to 85,000 VND each. There are two addresses on Vo Thi Sau Street, District 3 and Nguyen Trong Tuyen Street, Phu Nhuan District.

Yesterday Piano Coffee


At noon, guests can dine with friends, colleagues just listen to soft music. Quan also has a photo studio with much modern equipment, professional, and regularly organize photography workshops to serve this passionate art. Diners will feel the deposition, contemplation, and nostalgia, completely different from the noisy, bustling outside. Quan located on Ho Bieu Chanh Street, Phu Nhuan District. The price of each drink is about 30,000 – 70,000 VND

Gio Day Thun

Famous for being a mysterious, secret place located on Vo Thi Sau Street, District 3, this coffee shop is young to find many young Saigon. For the first time, visitors will be impressed with the liberal style of nomadic, wild, free in every detail. Although not widely, the restaurant still brings the intimacy, close by unique decorations, diverse drinks, and vibrant music. The price of each drink is about 30,000 – 50,000 VND

If you have a plan for Sai Gon group tours here, these places will not make you disappointed.

Tourist destinations in Vietnam for children


The summer is coming, this is also a time for families to find the places that their children can have fun and safe. Take a quick look at the list of top children-friendly places below to have one of the most interesting Vietnam all-inclusive packages.

I/ Ho Chi Minh city

1/ Tiny world playground

This paradise playground includes a lot of games and activities extremely interesting for the children. The Area of motion games consecutively “Juno Playland” is arranged like a tropical jungle with ball houses, multi-lane slides that will be great for active kids.


A part of tinyworld playground

Those kids who love to learn can still enjoy and play their favorite game in the intellectual arena – “teRa Torium”.

Youngsters can also show off their skilled hands with their parents or friends through games such as sand painting, paint the statue, paper painting, and be making beautiful bracelets in the game area “piCa Hut ”

In addition, “kiLo Korner” with their favorite snacks is an indispensable area for our little kids to get energized to continue playing at tiNiWorld. Especially, the children will have the opportunity to meet and interact with four extremely famous characters of tiNiWorld are juNo, teRa, piCa, and kiLo.

2/ SC VivoCity


Outside of SC Vivocity

SC VivoCity owns the Sky Park outdoor park on the first terrace in Vietnam. Sky Park includes the Vivo Playground and the 3D wall paintings. The children can have fun, climbing comfortably with the cool fountains. On the downstairs, there is an Apple Kids Club with plenty of games to choose. Here, parents can let their kids play, they can also go sightseeing and shopping delight with the famous brand. There is also a gastronomic area with many famous restaurants, where are ideal places to satisfy your kids’ stomach after having fun. This is an ideal place for Vietnam family tours.

II/ Ha Noi city

1/ The Booksquare 12 Hoa Ma

The book square is located on Hoa Ma street, not only a regular bookstore but also a place for learning, meeting and stimulating the creativity of the kids.


The second floor of the Booksquare

There are books in complex space of the first and second floor, especially the second floor has the reading corner is very cute for the kids. They can come in and enjoy the books there. Books are also carefully selected for a variety of ages. In each reading area, many of the seats are designed to be fun, inspiring and spread the love of reading.It’s such an ideal destination you’re your kids in Vietnam all-inclusive packages.

Weekly free storytelling is also available in the lobby on the first floor. The third floor is a coffee shop, making cakes for small children and often at The Booksquare also has many meaningful activities such as how to make a robot, teaching drawing, etc.

2/ Royal City

This is a fun place to attract many young people as well as children because of the diversity of this underground city. As the name implies, this famous commercial center is built like a miniature city, you can find anything you want, basic needs like watching movies, eating, shopping or having fun, etc There are all in Royal City.


Royal City is built like a modern tiny city

Children do not only visit, shopping, but also participate in many exciting activities for children such as indoor water park, ice skating, bowling … After tired of playing games, your family can eat right here with diverse dishes from countries around the world. Have fun and enjoy foods at the same time, this is an ideal place for children and families in Hanoi when joining Vietnam package tours.

III/ Da Nang city

1/ Da Nang Helio Center playground :


A panoramic view of Da Nang Helio Center

Helio Center is a leading playground for children in Danang today. Your family looking for a playground for children near the city center, you should not forget this place. Certainly, you will be very excited about the model of fun games, most modern here. Helio brings together the world’s best games such as Show Yourself for the kids who like to play with the music, Mini Digger – a chance to be a builder and exciting experience when driving a loader. The colorful ball house catches all eyes of children, etc There is also a special play area for children to practice cooking and freedom to explore the surrounding nature. It is also one of the centers for organizing trade fairs, coffee systems, dining restaurants. Helio Center is definitely a great choice, in accordance with the desire of parents who want children to experience the joyous moments while participating in tourism in Danang! So do not ignore this amusement park!

2/ Da Nang Children’s Culture Palace:


The unique design of Da Nang Children’s Culture Palace

Adjacent to Helio entertainment center, Da Nang children’s cultural center is located on 2nd September street and has 3 floors including multifunctional area. Your family will be impressed with the unique design space, the extreme background always attract many visitors to take a photo check in here. The cultural offer includes amusement parks, playground, classrooms, sports rooms, libraries and conference halls. Step into the center of children’s culture you will be very excited with the layout of the outdoor play area, garden, interesting corner, … and not only that, when visiting this place, the children will be able to get a lot of useful things!

Top 3 poetic streams in Phu Quoc for your Vietnam off the beaten track tours


Phu Quoc Island has been a popular spot for tourists all over the world for years. However, a disadvantage of this is that it is often very crowded in tourist season. Today, Vietnam off the beaten track tours will show you the most attractive streams in Phu Quoc, which are less busy than other places and can give you some moments of relaxation.

Da Ban Stream


da ban stream (source: Internet)

There are only 3-4 waterfalls and streams in Phu Quoc and Da Ban is one of them. In fact, it is always regarded by the locals as one of the top waterfalls in Phu Quoc Island. Its name in English means “flat rocks,” which has been inspired by the giant rocks found under the stream. They look as flat as table tops due to the abrasion made by strong currents of water.

  • The ideal time to visit Da Ban Stream

The most appropriate time to pay Da Ban Stream a visit is from the early of May to the late of November. It is the wet season so the stream has quite high flow rate. Da Ban looks the most imposing from June to September because there is rain almost all the time.

  • Things to do when visiting Da Ban Stream

The trip will start getting exciting at the moment you reach the entrance of the stream, where a bridge is located. You need to go across it and walk for a couple of minutes to see the stream. There are trees on both sides of the entrance so that the air is very fresh and good for health.

Once you get there, nothing can be better than having a picnic. You can put your carpet down on some grass field under it and have a brunch. Otherwise, just spread all your food out on a flat rock and enjoy it on the spot. 

In case you want something more adventurous, climbing to Da Ban Upstream will be a great idea. The path is 2 kilometers long and you will need to skirt the sizable rocks along the stream. Don’t miss the chance to contemplate different landscapes of Da Ban Stream on the way to get there.

Tranh Stream


tranh stream(source: Internet)

Although Phu Quoc Island welcomes millions of tourists all year round, Tranh Stream is one of the non-touristy places in Vietnam. It stretches roughly 15 kilometers and composes of little streams on Ham Ninh Mountain. Tranh Stream finds its way into the trees in Phu Quoc forests, making the destination an excellent painting of the natural world.

  • The ideal time to visit Tranh Stream

You should visit it in the months of between April and October. The stream is the most poetic and beautiful at this time.

  • Things to do when visiting Tranh Stream

The most favorite activity of tourists when arriving at Tranh Stream is bathing. The water is so cool and fresh that you will love dipping your body into it all day. Another thing that you and your friends may want to do is to throw a barbecue party right beside the stream. The food will be the fishes that your group catch from the stream so you don’t have to bring anything.   

Also, there are many services in the area around Tranh Stream, such as tents and hammocks for rent, fast food, and fresh water showering. They have quite low prices so don’t hesitate to use them when you need. After taking a bath and having a nice nap, going sightseeing around is what various tourists often do. Trees and flowers here in wet season are very attractive and charming.

Tien Stream


tien stream (source: Internet)

Another less-traveled destination in Vietnam that you can find in Phu Quoc Island is Tien Stream. It is about 1 kilometer in length and flows down from upstream through rocks. In the downstream, the water currents create a small waterfall and a quite vast lake. Despite the fact that you have to go a long way to Tien Stream from Phu Quoc center, the journey is totally worth it.

  • The ideal time to visit Tien Stream

The spot is most magnificent in January and February. This is the time when wild rose myrtles start ripening, the odor of which spreads through every corner of the forest around the stream. There are hundreds of local people, especially couples, coming to the stream to harvest them.

  • Things to do when visiting Tien Stream

Besides common activities, such as bathing or having a picnic, you will love camping in the area around the stream. Listening to the sound of the water while having meals or sleeping under the stars are some very interesting things for you to try.

Moreover, if you want to communicate with the locals, you can join in their collecting rose myrtles. It is fun and you may even get to know how they make wine from those wild fruits. Rose Myrtle wine of Phu Quoc Island is a popular brand and has been favored by thousands of national as well as international tourists.

Therefore, don’t forget to buy some of it as a gift at the end of your Vietnam off the beaten track tours. Your friends and family will find it extremely fascinating.

Top Must-Visit Destinations in Sai Gon


As another major city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh (Sai Gon) is rippling with historic and quaint buildings, windy promenades, legendary street foods and inevitably a vibrant history of growth.

No less exotic than Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh is home to a wealth of incredible things to do and see, leaving you a better understanding of the local culture and exotic moments of your lifetime. If you are still in the middle of nowhere about what to do in your Saigon travel, our following list helps you to get the most out of your Saigon travel tour.

History-themed tour to Reunification Palace

the Reunification Palace

A visit to the Reunification Palace with your family (Source: Internet)

Sai Gon is overflowing with historic and colonial buildings that have outlived the wartime destruction and become landmarks of the city. For many Saigon travel tourists, the iconic Reunification Palace is the first to catch their attention. Surrounded by a vast number of palm trees, it’s a five-story building with a basement leading to an array of tunnels, a war command room, and a telecommunication center, featuring maps or war propaganda materials.

While sauntering around, you’ll be treated with the national anthem played at the end of the tape. If you want to challenge yourself with some card games, head to the fourth floor where features a Casio to entertain visitors. For those who are keen on the country’s history, a visit to the Reunification Palace is like an eye-opener to gain a deeper know-how about Vietnam’s military tactics. The building is linked with a wealth of national events, especially the fall of 1975. The opening time is from 7:30-12 then 13-16:00, so it’s advisable to take advantage of your time to experience best parts of the Palace.

Haggle at Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market

Shopping around Ben Thanh Market (Source: Internet)

As the busiest spot of the city, Ben Thanh Market is a source market where a variety of food, clothes, daily items and literally everything you may think of are displayed. It isn’t a bad idea to bring yourself to a hectic place and learn how to buy and make some bargains as well. Many jokes that what could make your travel in Vietnam complete without bargains.

When wandering around Ben Thanh Market, just ignore any sign saying “fixed priced”. Vendors have a habit of charging you higher prices, especially if you are foreign tourists. Bargaining is the way to avoid getting knock-offs or price gouging. All you need is to offer the price that you think is fair and then you’ll get a more reasonable price. It is lots of fun to experience weird moments of bartering around Ben Thanh Market.

Spiritual experiences at Giac Vien Pagoda

Giac Vien Pagoda

On the way to Giac Vien Pagoda (Source: Internet)

Established by Ha Tinh Giac Vien in the late 1700s, Giac Vien Pagoda is among so many ancient temples with unique architectural styles. A visit to this pagoda is as close to getting more understanding of the local life as you can. Walking through a warren of winding lanes and spectacular tombs where local kids converge, you will reach the temple. On arrival, your mind will be blown away by the impressive sight of about 100 divine carvings and a fabulous incense basin with dragon heads. The atmosphere of Giac Vien Pagoda is particularly tranquil and serene, making it a good fit for those who are seeking places to get away from stressful working days. The once-in-a-lifetime chance at the temple will give you care-free moments, rendering you to look on the bright side of your life.

Visitsaigon have just walked you through some iconic destinations where you can get the most cream of your Saigon travel. Exotic moments at the Reunification Palace or the spiritual atmosphere at Giac Vien Pagoda will leave a long-lasting impression on you about Vietnam. This is not all about traveling to Saigon but promises to satisfy your cravings for discovering the local culture.

Things to do in Saigon: Top Saigon Tourist Attractions


Considered as the Pearl of the Far East, Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City was the center of economics and entertainment of Indochina. Since French and American colonization, Saigon tourist attractions have attracted numerous flocks of tourists from every single part of the world.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City – The Pearl of Far East (Source: Internet)

If you are traveling to Saigon but not having much time to explore the whole city, taking a tour around the city center is absolutely the first priority. There are some must-see destinations in Saigon that visitors should not miss. Let's read this article from visitsaigon.net!

Reunification Hall (Dinh Doc Lap)

Also known as Independence Palace, Reunification Hall is an architectural work that represents the historical values of Ho Chi Minh City. The palace was built in 1962 and used to be the home and the workplace of Southern Vietnam Governors during the Vietnam War. During the Fall of Saigon, it marked the end of the War when the Northern Vietnam Army tanks crashed its main gates on April 30th, 1975.

Reunification Hall

Reunification Hall, Saigon Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Not only does the Hall display the history of Vietnam but it is also a masterpiece of art. It is a combination of Eastern and Western styles. Nowadays, Reunification Hall has become a national historical and cultural site which attracts a huge number of tourists each year.

Central Post Office (Buu Dien Thanh Pho)

Located at Paris Commune Street, District 1, Saigon Central Post Office is a must-stop destination for Saigon City Tours.  It is a typical colonial French Building.

Saigon Central Post Office

Saigon Central Post Office – an Eiffel-designed building (Source: Internet)

The post office was built in 1891, based on the design of Eiffel – the globally famous French architect and has become the busiest post office in the city. As a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and French influences, the post office attracts tourists with the typical characteristics of French-style architecture. Walking into the Central Post Office, visitors would feel like they are brought back to a 20th-century building in Europe rather than an Eastern post office.

Nowadays, the post office still offers all kinds of traditional postal services such as mailing, selling postcards or stamps, and exchanging foreign money.

Notre Dame Cathedral (Nha Tho Duc Ba)

Opposite to the Central Post Office locates the Notre Dame Cathedral – a significant symbol of Saigon. Built in 1880, the Cathedral is the important worship place of a large Catholic Community in Saigon. The church is among the most popular Saigon tourist attractions.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral – Symbol of Saigon (Source: Internet)

The architecture of the Cathedral shows the impact of French civilization and Christianity over Saigon. All the materials used to construct the church was imported from France. A distinctive feature of the church is the twin towers which are approximately 60 meters high. More surprisingly, in 2005, there was a miracle that the statue of the Virgin Mary shed tears.

To pay a visit to Notre Dame Cathedral is among the top things to do in Saigon Vietnam. People all over the world come here to visit the beautiful French-style cathedral. Also, it is an ideal place for taking photos, especially for wedding.

Dragon House Wharf (Ben Nha Rong)

Dragon Wharf used to be a large trading harbor in Saigon. It was the place where Ho Chi Minh – the great leader of Vietnam sat sail on Admiral Latouche Treville – a French ship and started his 30-year journey around the world in June 1911. The city was later named after this big figure.

Dragon House Wharf

Dragon House Wharf – Ho Chi Minh Museum (Source: Internet)

Dragon House Wharf is a mixture of Eastern and Western architecture. The cluster is represented through a main French-style building, which has 2 Vietnamese-dragon-shaped statues on its rooftop, a detail that can be easily found in the architecture of traditional Vietnamese temples and pagodas.

Though it does not function as a dock any longer, Dragon House Wharf has become an important Saigon tourist attraction which enables travelers to explore the culture and history of Vietnam and learn about Ho Chi Minh – a person that has inspired millions of people all over the world.

There are also a lot of fascinating destinations that travelers might find interesting such as Ben Thanh Market, Cu Chi Tunnel, and Giac Vien Pagoda. Many Vietnamese tour operators offer tours around Saigon. However, remember to check everything carefully because there are many copycat and badly-reputed agencies which provide bad services. Do not hesitate, check it out and prepare for your Saigon trip now!

Saigon sightseeing, explore the ancient of Notre Dame Cathedral

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Leaving the bustle of modern life, most of the visitors want to come toward to a quiet and spiritual place. Thus, Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most suitable spots when joining in a Saigon sightseeing tour.

The majesty of Notre Dame Cathedral

The majesty of Notre Dame Cathedral (Source: Internet)

Notre Dame Cathedral is a gorgeous cathedral, most important and most ancient church in Ho Chi Minh City. It is not only meaningful to lay people, but also one of the representative symbols of this city.

Long ago, Notre Dame Cathedral has become the pride of Ho Chi Minh City’s resident. With a large superficies and a beautiful architecture, Notre Dame Cathedral is modeled follow the church of Notre Dame of Paris. Foundation of the cathedral was designed in particular, under 10 times of the gross ton of the entire architecture church situated above. And a very special thing is that the church has no fence or wall surrounding as the churches around Saigon – Gia Dinh at the same time and until now. With a length of 93m, 35.90m wide and 57m high, the capacity of the cathedral can reach 1,200 people. Notre Dame Cathedral is a magnificent magnificence.

The large campus of the Notre Dame Cathedral

The large campus of the Notre Dame Cathedral (Source: Internet)

Architecturally, all the lines, edges, patterns of the Notre Dame Cathedral is in Roman and Gothic style. The main bearing columns were built of huge stones; The door, frame … is built by white chalk (a very soft stone used for decorating pink brick wall).

Looking from the outside, the entire church from roof to the wall is the color of the red brick. The characteristic of brick and tile building church is to keep the color from the construction date until nowadays and not closed moss.

Notre Dame Cathedral from above

Looking from the outside, the entire church is the color of the red brick (Source: Internet)

The cathedral's interior has two lines which are main rectangular columns, each has six representing for twelve apostles. Behind the main column line is a corridor and next to lobby are small altars (more than 20 altars) and statues made of white stone quite sophisticated. On the wall is decorated with 56 glass windows depicting the characters or events in the Bible, 31 rounds of pink roses, 25 cow eyes windows made of multicolored glass combined with beautiful images. However, of these only have 4 glass windows are intact as the old door, and the other colored glass windows have been remodeled around 1949 to replace the broken church's original colored glass windows near at the end of World War II.

The interior of the Cathedral

The interior of the cathedral (Source: Internet)

The cathedral's interior is illuminated by electricity (not using candles) since inauguration. In the daytime, with the perfect lighting design, in harmony with the interior creates a soothing light in the cathedral interior, make visitors a sense of peace and holiness.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is known as one of the best places to visit in Saigon because of coming here the travelers will have a chance to get a peaceful spirit. Moreover, visitors can experience a historical tour in South Vietnam and explore a magnificent architecture construction.

Visiting the church, visitors also admire two bell towers built in 1895, 57m high. The bell towers have total 6 bells. In the left is Woman steeple where is hung 2 bells. In the right is Man belfry, in here has the biggest bell and 3 other small bells.

When visiting the Notre Dame Cathedral, just take time to wander around the campus. The statue of Our Lady of Peace is built in the middle of the campus. Blessed Mother statue in the upright position, the left hand holding the globe, The cross is glued on the globe, and the eyes of Blessed Mother look up to heaven as if praying for Vietnam and for the world to be at peace. The foot of Blessed Mother steps on the head of the serpent.

 Notre Dame Cathedral is a famous tourist destination when you travel to Saigon Vietnam. This place makes an impression of the classic French beauty, which is peace and sacred prettiness. More than a century passed, the church is still a unique architecture construction of Saigon.

Bui Vien Street – the street of backpackers in Saigon


Bui Vien Street has long been famous as a must-visit place in Saigon for any backpackers. As the time of writing this article, Bui Vien has become the second walking street in Ho Chi Minh City (Nguyen Hue is the first one) for 4 months. Every weekend, it is a traffic-free zone with stores and blue plastic seats all the way down the right-hand side of Bui Vien Street from 7 PM to 2 AM!

Bui Vien Street – a gorgeous sleepless night street in Saigon

Bui Vien Street

Bui Vien – a sleepless night spot

Your itinerary in Ho Chi Minh City cannot exclude Bui Vien Street – a sleepless night tourist hub in the city center. Like other backpackers’ streets, Bui Vien Street, which welcomes tourists and backpackers from 7 AM, becomes extremely crowded and fascinating at night. When the night falls, many people spill out to walk into the street, the residents set out tables and chairs on the roadsides making the living rhythm fast and noisy. Such a vibrant scene and exciting atmosphere to enjoy!

What are the key ingredients for creating Bui Vien Street that functions as a quality public place that draws backpackers in? It is an abundance of restaurants, hotels, motels, amusement services and tourist products shops for international travelers and a great variety of great activities. From transportation to massage, tattoo, strolling along the beautifully decorated walking street, capturing some nice photos of locals and backpackers to sampling food and beverages and entertainment, Bui Vien has so many to offer to become a popular destination spot to hang out among both Saigoneses and foreign backpackers.

Bui Vien Street – a food and beverage paradise

Bui Vien - a beverage paradise

Bui Vien – a beverage paradise

Considered as Khao San Road in Vietnam, the drinking street of Bui Vien Street has become a favorite address and the gathering spot for foreign backpackers to Ho Chi Minh City. Bui Vien is one of the city’s busiest, most dynamic and bustling streets with tons of restaurants and bars dotted along the road. These dining and drinking spots range from budget, mid-range to luxurious ones to satisfy travelers of different ages and budgets.

Bui Vien Street is teeming with seats and beer. Every corner you go, you can get a seat and order a drink for a very decent price. Plus, some pubs and bars on this bustling street often operate happy hours while other have an all you can drink for a set price offer. What can be more amazing than enjoying the broad vision and wide sidewalks while squatting at a street-bar on one of the most bustling backpacker strips in Southeast Asia? It is such an impressive and memorable experience!

Beer aside, Bui Vien is also jam-packed with street foods. What to eat in Bui Vien? Grilled food, chicken wings, beef, goat meat, seafood, snail dishes are the most favorite ones with the food options varying from Chinese, Indian, Mexican, to French, Italian, Western, and of course, Vietnamese cuisine. A wide range of dishes, tasty and delicious, is also the reason why Bui Vien gets so much love from backpackers.

Even though Bui Vien is a meeting address of foreigners, the service price is not as expensive as you have expected. A decent dinner with drink included here is really reasonable. Expect to pay for around VND 200,000 (USD $8.8) per meal. To enjoy the fun atmosphere of a joyful evening and to mingle with the hectic community, all you need is a small table with several blue plastic seats and some cold beer together with some colorful finger dishes.

Bui Vien Street – a local lifestyle and cultural space

Culture space on Bui Vien street

Bui Vien – a cultural space

Besides a convergence quintessence culinary world, you can also experience the pavement life of Saigonese and soak up the local lifestyle and culture while being seated at one of the places on Bui Vien Street. Not just drinking beer, eating food, and chatting, a lot of traditional art performances with singing and dancing such as Vietnamese traditional instrument performances, Don ca tai tu (southern fork music) and folk songs organized to serve tourists make it an extremely stunning place to visit. A night on Bui Vien is a chance to immerse in the colors of varied culture.

Vibrant, lively, and fun, Bui Vien area adds character and excitement to Ho Chi Minh City. To get more information about Hochiminh City, follow visitsaigon.