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Are all Vietnamese travel agencies reliable?


Vietnam is a promising traveling destination that has attracted a large volume of tourists each year. It is wonderful for any kinds of tours and groups of travelers. The exquisite natural settings of soaring mountains, fertile deltas, and pristine beaches in this land have been an irresistible appeal to wanderlusts. Also, after more than 4,000 years of history, Vietnam also possesses a large collection of high-valued cultural heritages that would amaze any discerning culture lovers.


Vietnam is irresistibly beautiful

The beauty of this land is extraordinarily charming, yet the tourism industry is not really highly developed. Many of Vietnamese travel agents are willing to use dishonest means to cheat you out of your cash without hesitating.


Travelers should be careful when choosing tour agency

So sad to say that the problems such as copycat agencies, additional charges, and vague pricing scheme still exist in many tour operators and agencies. Of course, there are still lots of reliable tour operators, but we can see a substantial number of dishonest ones, also. So, if you are planning to travel to Vietnam, remember to consider the following things to prevent from being cheated.

Make sure the agency you are booking tours with is a REAL agency


Be aware of copycat agency

Many of Vietnam local tour operators offer clients with excellent customer services and enjoyable traveling experience, and it entails in the appearance of copycat agencies which aim to take advantage of their reputation. A typical example is TheSinhTourist Travel Agency – an internationally-renowned Vietnam travel agency. The REAL one is great: it has many branches all over the country and provides tourists with various kinds of tours in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, a wide range of hotels, transportations and other services. When strolling around the Old Quarter in Hanoi, travelers might catch the image of several TheSinhTourist offices with the exact logo, banner, and brand name. Many clients have come to these offices because of the brand reputation without knowing that in Hanoi, there are ONLY 2 legit branches of TheSinh, which are at Tran Nhat Duat Str. and Luong Ngoc Quyen Str. All the others are the FAKE one.

Hiring copycat tour operators, travelers might be required to pay money in advance for services that you might never get. And of course, it is almost impossible to take your money back.

Book directly with tour agency instead of getting it through the hotels

It is recommended that travelers should not book tours through the hotels you are staying at.


It’s better to book directly with tour operator

Many of the hotels in popular tourist attractions offer tour services, but most of them will outsource these booking requests to a third party. In other words, the money you need to spend would be larger than what you deserve for because this amount would be shared between the hotel and the tour operator. Booking tour directly with the travel agencies, you will get the chance to search for more information about the agency, to see whether it is reliable or not, and especially, spend less money.

Nowadays, there is no need for travelers to come to the travel agency office to ask for a tour. You can easily search and book tours online, even when you are in your mother country. Some tour packages even include the transfer bus to pick you up at the airport.

Ask carefully about the inclusions before you pay up


Inclusions may cost you a fortune

Inclusions would cost you quite large an amount; therefore, it is of necessity to ask carefully about them in advance. If you book a tour without learning well about the additional costs, the situation might get worse. For instance, if you book a Halong Bay tour package, you need to check whether the package has included the cost of drinks on the boat and renting kayaks or not, because these things would cost you a remarkable amount of money later on. So, remember to check all the inclusions: drinks, breakfast, transfer bus, Vietnam travel guides, entrance tickets in some destinations, etc. Additionally, you should keep the tour operator’s number card in case any unexpected problems arise. No matter how thick your wallet is, being careful about all these stuff will never worthless.

To recognize the reliability as well as the suitability of Vietnamese traveling agencies and their services, it is better to make your own evaluation. Taking everything into consideration will help you to take a better decision and have more enjoyable traveling experience.

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