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Top Must-Visit Destinations in Sai Gon

As another major city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh (Sai Gon) is rippling with historic and quaint buildings, windy promenades, legendary street foods and inevitably a vibrant history of growth.


Things to do in Saigon: Top Saigon Tourist Attractions

Considered as the Pearl of the Far East, Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City was the center of economics and entertainment of Indochina. Since French and American colonization, Saigon tourist attractions have attracted numerous flocks of tourists from every single part of the world.


Looking for some Saigon travel tips? Here is all you need to know

Ho Chi Minh City - still often known by locals and expats as Saigon - is a thriving cultural and economic hub of Vietnam. A visit to this southern Vietnamese city is an open-end encounter with a mixture of antique French architecture and energetic vibe of the rising star. Here are some useful Saigon travel tips from that will help you enjoy your stay in this fantastic city. 


How to plan your trip to Saigon

Ho Chi Minh City, which is still popular with its former name Saigon, is one of the biggest and most important tourist attractions of Vietnam. Known as the "Pearl of the Far East", Ho Chi Minh City has long been a cultural, economic and political center of the country.


Top things to do in Saigon Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, as known as Saigon, has been the fastest growing city in Vietnam for years. As a bustling, pulsating and vibrant destination, Saigon has always been a meeting of the old and the new, traditional values and high-end developments, hundred-year-old markets and glitzy modern skyscrapers.


Saigon tailor-made tour: what are the best options for shopping in Saigon

Shopping around right in the heart of the bustling Saigon city will be a true highlight of your stay in Saigon. New shopping malls are springing up all over the city center, bringing bunches of shopping opportunities to shoppers. Below are recommendation from visitsaigon as to where to go for an endless shopping experience during your Saigon tailor-made tour.


Top tourist attractions Ho Chi Minh City

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